Who Is RHOP's New Housewife, Askale Davis?

"The Real Housewives of Potomac" viewers are getting to know new cast member Askale Davis ... and she's already started stirring up drama. On Episode 3 of Season 6, which aired on July 25, Robyn Dixon introduced her new friend, Askale, to Wendy Osefo. The two seemed to click almost immediately, partly due to their shared African heritage. While helping Robyn pack up some orders for her headwear line, Wendy even gave the new castmate a rundown of the ladies, getting her up to speed with the latest gossip.

In a later scene, the ladies meet for a "pamper party" organized by Gizelle Bryant, and set up so Ashley Darby could get pampered before her second baby arrives. However, not long after meeting everyone (and offering Ashley a very pricy bottle champagne bottle as a post-baby gift), Askale couldn't help but spill some of the tea received. At some point, Karen Huger told Ashley she couldn't wait to have a Fireball-infused party after she gives birth. "Can I just ask one thing?" Askale told Karen. "There was a comment made that you drink heavily."

Though Askale didn't reveal her source, editors cued to her first scene, in which Wendy talked about Karen's drinking habits. As usual, Karen's response was as classy as ever, though. "Let me clear up one thing. I think it's very reckless to say that someone's an alcoholic." So, judging by her first introduction to the group, Askale may be a great fit. But who is she?

Askale Davis is the proud daughter of Ethiopian immigrants

As mentioned on the show, Askale Davis is Ethiopian. Her addition makes sense, as Maryland has a big Ethiopian-American presence. Although she's based in Maryland, Askale hails from Seattle, Wash. as her parents settled there after escaping war-torn Ethiopia. "My mother fled war stricken Ethiopia at the age of 17. At 18, she met my father in a Sudanese refugee camp," she wrote in a Mother's Day Instagram post. "She bravely stepped foot into a foreign country with nothing & had to learn the language, the culture, and basic survival skills," she continued. "Two years later, my parents saved enough money to buy into an Ethiopian restaurant. Kokeb, was the first Ethiopian restaurant in Seattle." 

So, what caused Askale to move to the East Coast? Howard University. As her UNCF bio reads, she is a proud graduate of H.U., where she earned a BSc in Biology and Chemistry. After college, Askale worked as a restorative justice program manager, supporting at-risk youth in the Washington DC area. Then in March 2020, she joined UNCF as a community engagement manager.

Last (but certainly not least, when it comes to "RHOP"), Askale is married to Dre Davis, director of talent and influencer relations at FanBase, per LinkedIn. The couple shares two children, as well as other kids from a previous relationship. "I was always the type of woman who said 'I'm never going to date a man w/ kids," she once admitted.