People Are Loving Taco Bell's New Anime Commercial. Here's Why

Since 2018, Taco Bell has developed inventive movie trailer-style commercials to announce the arrival (or re-arrival) of the beloved Nacho Fries, per AdWeek. They're one of the chain's most popular items, yet only released for limited runs, so it's always a big deal. The trailers feature intricate world-building that parody, and pay homage, to different film genres. Who could forget the conspiracy thriller-tinged trailer "Belluminati" (though that was for the stacker) or the horror-based trailer called "The Craving"Joe Keery from "Stranger Things" even starred in that fry-related horror commercial along with Sarah Hyland from "Modern Family." These comical ads are punny and just plain awesome. "Ever since they left, my mind's been ... a little fried," Keery lamented in "The Craving." Fry even try to resist!? 

With the Olympics in full swing, Taco Bell took a counterintuitive approach to their fries campaign for this summer. Instead of leaning into the sports angle, the brand deliberately went an entirely different direction. In a statement (via AdWeek), Taco Bell said they aimed to avoid "stereotypical sports marketing likely to run this summer and instead venture into a new space." With the help of "a global team of animators, artists and designers," the fast-food chain created the "Fry Force" anime commercial. Prior to releasing the mesmerizing 60-second spot in July, Taco Bell treated fans to a manga about "Fry Force." And now, the commercial has arrived.

Keep reading for more spicy details on the daring ad.

Taco Bell's "Fry Force" ad spices things up with plot and an impressive cameo

Taco Bell's "Fry Force" commercial is reminiscent of popular anime such as "Evangelion" and Gundam." Steve Blum, who did voice work on "Cowboy Bepop," was recruited for the fast-food chain's ad, per CBR. But let's talk about the commercial's story. It's centered on Rei, whose brother is taken by a Nacho Fry-devouring monster (we kid you not). "Rei must push through her hunger and lead the Fry Force, an elite squad of mecha pilots to keep the monsters at bay," the synopsis reads on Taco Bell's YouTube channel. Indeed, as with previous Nacho Fries trailers, the anime is filled with cheesy and fry-tastic puns. "I'm getting fried here," one character yells. "Either we fight together ... or we fry alone," character Rei says. Simply put, it's a (Baja) blast.

Anime fans were also buzzing over virtual YouTuber Gawr Gura making a brief cameo. "Bruh, Gawr Gura is [in] a f*****g Taco Bell Ad????" one excited viewer tweeted. "Wow okay taco bell [made] an entire anime commercial AND its including gura," another wrote on Twitter. "[I']m bewildered at not only the fact that taco bell did an anime commercial but also gura made a cameo," another added

The attention to detail and commitment to the genre makes this commercial so fun to watch. Now fans, and we, are hungry for a full film about the "Fry Force" universe!