Daisy Mason From Downton Abbey Is Gorgeous In Real Life

Throughout the run of "Downton Abbey," Sophie McShera played the young kitchen maid and assistant cook Daisy Mason. As Vulture detailed, Daisy was quite timid in her early days working at Downton. She tended to be quirky and naive and rather skittish around others who intimidated her. Daisy grew in many ways from the beginning to the end of the series, but fans may be surprised to see how much Daisy's look from the show differed from McShera's real-life look.

While Daisy was meek when she first was seen in the Downton kitchen, scurrying to follow Mrs. Patmore's demands, she experienced immense growth that seemed to impress even McShera herself. "I'm very lucky I got to play this character that started out so naive and scared and terrified of getting fired and getting through the day ... into what she's become now, it's just amazing," she told Vulture. Daisy had an opportunity to show off her feisty side before the final farewell for "Downton Abbey" and McShera said it was both "scary" and "good fun" to portray that new side of her character. Daisy's growth was a fabulous and surprising development for McShera, who told the outlet, "I really love the fact that she's got so much potential now, and you would've never thought that if you watched the first episode of season one." Daisy never quite matched the beauty and dynamic persona of McShera herself, but the "Downton Abbey" character was certainly a fan favorite.

Sophie McShera outshines her Downton Abbey character

"Downton Abbey" star Sophie McShera told theĀ New York Post she was essentially given "a tiny bit of airbrush" of makeup while playing Daisy Mason. "It's about making you look the same, instead of remotely attractive," she explained of the desired look. "I'll always say: 'Can I have a little eyeliner today?' [The answer is always] No!! You can't wear blusher," McShera quipped. McShera portrayed Daisy throughout the run of "Downton Abbey" from 2010 through 2015, as well as in the 2019 movie (per IMDb). As she told Marie Claire, she's not exactly a clone of Daisy in her real life. "I'm famous for always wearing crop tops," she admitted, although she considers herself to be "quite low-key." She loves a "decadent" afternoon tea, but claims she's "really rubbish" when it comes to doing her makeup.

The "Downton Abbey" star may feel she's fairly low-key in her day-to-day life, she can glam it up with the best of them when needed. E! Online raved over one red carpet ensemble she wore that included a leather skirt, scarlet heels, and a vintage polka-dot top. There was even a hint of McShera's midriff peeking out as she posed for photographers. A New York "Downton Abbey" premiere event gave McShera an opportunity to wear a one-shoulder floor-length blue sequined gown with a thigh-high leg slit (per Yahoo! Sports). McShera convincingly portrayed a timid maid on screen, but she has knocked people's socks off with her red carpet glam.