Project Runway Season 19 - Here's What We Can Tell Fans So Far

"Project Runway" is officially coming back for Season 19, and yes, we are very excited. So obviously, we want to know all of the details. Who's in the cast, will there be any shakeups to the judges' table, and, most importantly, when does this thing officially premiere?

If you can remember all the way back to pre-coronavirus days, Season 18 wrapped in March 2020, with Geoffrey Mac crowned the winner in the final episode. In an after-show interview with Christian Siriano, Geoffrey credited the show with basically turning his whole life around. "Before the show, my career was a disaster," he told the designer and former "Project Runway" winner.

We can all agree that this kind of wholesome reality TV content is exactly what the world needs after a year and a half of pandemic life (not to mention some great new fashion). So here is what we were able to find out about the upcoming season.

Here's when we think Project Runway Season 19 will air

We know that the first thing everybody wants to know is when exactly Season 19 of "Project Runway" will be hitting the screen. Unfortunately, there has been no firm release date announced just yet. What Bravo has confirmed is that a new season is coming and was set to begin production in New York City in the spring of 2021. A teaser clip promoting the upcoming season released on Bravo's Instagram page only promises that new episodes are coming "soon," which is frustratingly vague.

However, taking what we already know about Bravo filming schedules in general, we can predict you'll be seeing a "Project Runway" return sometime in the coming fall or potentially early 2022. The season finale always coincides with New York Fashion Week, which would mean a release date sometime after September of 2021 or, at the latest, February 2022. 

If filming is already underway, our money is on the fall — but no promises just yet.

Here's what we know about the Project Runway Season 19 contestants

Bravo's teaser clip for Season 19 only showed the hosts and generic clips of sewing and fabric cutting — no contestants. We did find an online application that you can still fill out for a chance to be on the show yourself, but if filming lasts for six weeks ending in New York Fashion Week in early September, there's a good chance the cast has already been pretty well firmed up. That said, there has been no official announcement of cast members.

Every season of the show starts with 16 designers, who are gradually eliminated as the weeks go by, ending in a final four contestants who each show complete collections at New York fashion week. While not every former contestant has gone on to fashion greatness, it has been known to happen every now and then. See: Christian Siriano. 

So who knows — the fashion world's next superstar could be among these as-of-now mysterious newcomers.

There will be some shakeups to the Project Runway hosting cast

While there's definitely a lot we still don't have answers on just yet, we do have a bit more information about the judges' panel shakeups. While it appears that Christian Siriano is reprising his role as mentor/life coach/skeptical-face-maker, and Elaine Welteroth, Nina Garcia, and Brandon Maxwell will all be returning to the judges' table, there is one familiar face who will not be coming back. That is supermodel Karlie Kloss, who replaced another famous Victoria's Secret Angel, Heidi Klum, as host of the show for Season 17, per TVLine

Don't cry just yet, however, as Bravo did confirm that Kloss would still be making "guest appearances" throughout the season. Kloss began hosting "Project Runway" when the show returned to the Bravo network after a stint on Lifetime. This was also when Christian Siriano replaced Tim "Make It Work" Gunn as the show's mentor.

There has been no word on who will now replace Kloss as host of the show. Maybe a Hadid sister? A Jenner? Maybe no one at all? To be honest, as long as we still have Siriano, we think the show will be just fine.