The Truth About Genevieve Shawcross From Love Island USA

Keep your eye on Genevieve Shawcross on "Love Island USA." Although she may be the underdog, the contestant is pure dynamite. For those who are unfamiliar with the "Love Island" franchise, the premise is a new twist on the age-old practice of finding the elusive happily ever after. Except for this time, cameras follow the antics of 12 young (and very hot) singles who cast their nets while sitting poolside next to a (potentially tropical) mansion. Everyone is paired up before the games begin and the action revs up. As singles leave, swarths of new contestants arrive testing the existing bonds between couples. 

In Season 3 of "Love Island USA," there already seems to be a bit of competition. Genevieve was among the new batch of singles from Casa Amor, and she immediately made an impression on Jeremy Hershberg. His former partner, Florita Diaz, was voted off, and he spent some time getting to know the newcomer. The personal trainer and Genny seem to get on like a house on fire. But who is Genevieve? And why has she seemingly already gotten under Shannon St. Clair's skin? Here's the tea on Genny, but be warned that the tea is hot.

Genevieve Shawcross is the full package

"Love Island" star "Genny with a G" told viewers (via Reality Titbit), "It's a difficult situation because I do know Shannon [St. Clair] from home and I am attracted to Josh [Goldstein] but I'm not really intimidated because I have the three important B's – Beauty, Brains, and Boobies." While it's easy to see that she indeed has the physical attributes she boasts of, it seems as if the brunette wasn't lying about her intelligence either.

On May 12, Genevieve Shawcross posted some graduation pics on Instagram. In her caption, she wrote, "[T]ransferring here was the best decision [I] ever made – thank you [W]est [C]hester for the past 3 years." Meeaw reports that she obtained her Bachelor's degree in media and culture from the West Chester University of Pennsylvania. Smart girl! She also uses her considerable skills and talents as a social media influencer and often models outfits for brands. What makes her even more interesting is the fact that, as previously mentioned, she has close ties with fan-favorite Shannon St. Clair. And the two may even have some unresolved beef ...

Genevieve Shawcross and Shannon St. Clair's beef

For "Love Island USA" stars Genevieve Shawcross and Jeremy Hershberg, the connection was instant. They chatted up a storm about sport and gymnastics. Genevieve gushed, "I love a male gymnast." So, when Jeremy announced that he wanted to couple up with Genny, it came as no surprise. Most of the islanders were happy that he had found someone who piqued his interest. Except for one lone girl who threw some shade Genny's way with a "poor boy."

Genny and Shannon St. Clair's sister, Kylie McIlwain, are friends. Kylie is currently managing her sister's Instagram profile, but a quick look at her own social media pics will reveal some snaps with bestie Genny. She revealed as much to Josh Goldstein, Shannon's beau, when she dished (via Showbiz Cheatsheet), "Shannon's little sister is my best friend," She added, "So I know Shannon really well." But it seems as if they were even closer than Genny lead on. 

OK! Magazine reported that Shannon and Dave Portnoy, the millionaire Barstool Sports founder, were an item at the beginning of the year. Apparently, things seemed to go sour when Genny posted pics and videos of Portnoy, Shannon, and two other girls on social media, per Monsters and Critics. Seemingly, Portnoy took offense and Shannon blasted back in an Instagram rant. She "scrubbed" her account before heading onto the show, per the outlet. Now who's serving up that beef? Time will tell.