The Truth About Jeremy Hershberg From Love Island USA

One of the hottest shows to hit the airwaves in recent years is, without a doubt, "Love Island USA." The reality show is an American take on the British phenomenon. Cameras follow 12 hot young singles hanging around poolside at a luxuriously outfitted mansion. The islanders all arrive single, with the goal being to leave with a new partner. New contestants are added throughout the season, and the couples routinely abandon each other in favor of someone ... hotter. At the end of each week, an unlucky single islander is voted out of the house. Womp womp.

Season 3 of "Love Island USA" is currently airing on CBS. It's only a few episodes in, but there may already be a villain in the cast. The island's potential bad boy is Jeremey Hershberg, a love-sick 20-something from New York. Jeremy caught the (perhaps negative) attention of fans for his hot/cold relationship with Aimee Flores. After pairing up, Jeremy seemed to lose interest in his new partner, whereas Aimee did not, per TV Shows Ace. Does Jeremy really deserve his bad boy rep, though?

Here's more on this simmering potential villian. 

Jeremy Hershberg has a broken heart

When he's not busy angering fans or breaking Aimee Flores' heart, Jeremy Hershberg is a pretty chill guy. He might play a heartbreaker on TV, but in his day-to-day life, it seems like Jeremy might not have much time for love. Jeremy was already well on his way to making a name for himself as a fitness model before he landed a spot on love island. To supplement his model income — modeling isn't necessarily steady work — Jeremy also works as a personal trainer, for those hoping to get a body as toned as his.

As for what Jeremy wants out of his time on "Love Island" (besides the cash prize), apparently, it's all about finding a "good girl." In his intro video, Jeremy explained that at just 27, he'd only had two real girlfriends, and he's still recovering from the second, whom he apparently thought he'd marry. Jeremy claims to be on "Love Island" so that he can finally find his one and only. Kids are also "definitely in the storybook" for him, as he said in his video. So he may be breaking hearts, but he seems to be interested in true love! 

We aren't sure if Jeremy will walk away with a girlfriend or even a cash prize, but we're just hoping he won't be walking away with Aimee — for Aimee's sake anyway.