What The Bachelor's Abigail Heringer Does For A Living

Former "Bachelor" contestant Abigail Heringer is returning to reality TV after appearing on Season 25 of the dating show earlier this year, where she competed for a chance at Matt James' heart. While she was sent packing before even going on a one-on-one date with James, Abigail made a lasting impact on "Bachelor Nation."

According to People, Abigail was a fan favorite of that season early on, and it appears that Matt even felt that same vibe right away as well. Abigail not only received the coveted First Impression rose over the 31 other women competing but also received the season's first kiss from the bachelor himself. According to her official ABC bio, Abigail was "looking for a man who will lift her up and make her feel like it's just the two of them in the whole wide world."

While Abigail didn't find that on "The Bachelor," that doesn't mean her reality TV days are over. The Oregon native will once again attempt to fall in love on TV when she appears on the newest season of "Bachelor In Paradise." Marie Claire reports that the show was filmed for three weeks in June 2021 in Mexico. That means Abigail probably had to take substantial time off from work to look for love during production. So what does the self-described "bottomless brunch enthusiast" actually do for a living? Keep reading to find out.

Abigail Heringer works as a financial manager

It seems that former "Bachelor" contestant Abigail Heringer is more than just a pretty reality star in that she has an impressive career in finance. Women's Health reports that Abigail is a client financial manager at the Opus Agency, which is located in her home state of Oregon. After graduating from Linfield College in 2017 with a B.S. in Finance, Abigail began working as an analyst for the real estate industry, according to her LinkedIn profile. She later joined the Opus Agency in February 2020 where it appears she still works to this day.

Yet in 2020, Abigail was furloughed from her job so she would have time for the long "Bachelor" application process as well as for filming, according to Oregon's Statesman Journal. It's unclear if Abigail has gone back to work since she just finished filming "Bachelor in Paradise." Her Instagram also shows she's attempting to do the influencer thing and frequently travels to different states.

According to Abigail's ABC bio, when she's not working, "she loves being outdoors," and spending time with her family, "whom she says bring out the best side of her." With her newfound reality TV fame, it's unclear if Abigail will eventually earn a living as an influencer or podcaster like several others from "Bachelor" Nation or if she'll continue her career in finance.

Abigail Heringer doesn't let her hearing disability hold her back

Abigail Heringer made a positive impact on "Bachelor" Nation as the franchise's first deaf contestant. According to Women's Health, Abigail was born deaf but has had cochlear implants since she was 2-years-old. And as her ABC bio states, "having a hearing impairment never stopped Abigail from living her life to the fullest." Still, she's admitted that she was hesitant to go on the show. She revealed on the "Women Tell All" episode (via People), "I was really scared when I decided to come on just because I think people view the hearing community and then the Deaf community — with a capital 'D' — as black and white." She continued, "I'm kind of that grey space because I don't use sign language, I'm able to communicate vocally."

However, Abigail ended up finding that "the response has been incredible." She added that it helped her reach fans who finally felt seen. Her mother also told the Statesman Journal, "With her disability, if that can impact one other person, it's worth sharing the story."

Whether sharing her story as part of the Deaf community or working as a financial manager, it's clear Abigail has what it takes to continue being a big part of "Bachelor" Nation. Her new work in reality TV may not be enough yet for her to earn a living from, but it doesn't seem like a bad side hustle.