The Truth About The Bachelor's Abigail Heringer

Matt James' season of The Bachelor, which starts Jan. 4, 2021, promises to be a major kick off to the year. We know it's going to be a juicy season because there was drama before it even started. There were rumors that Matt had already dated a contestant. Not only that, but Matt's become a different man since he was the Bachelor.

Matt's season is going to be really different from anything we've ever seen before. For starters, it was filmed during the coronavirus pandemic and so instead of touring the world, the cast and crew stayed at Nemacolin Resort in Farmington, Penn., to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Viewers won't get to vicariously travel during Matt's season, but that doesn't mean it's going to be tame. Some of the contestants are already making waves and we can't wait to get to know them. One special gal is Abigail Heringer, and she's expected to play a major role in the season. Here's everything we know about her.

Abigail Heringer gets Matt's first impression rose

Abigail Heringer hails from Beaverton, Ore., and she currently lives in Portland, Ore., according to her Instagram profile. She graduated from Linfield College with a degree in finance, according to Cosmopolitan, and she works as a financial manager at the Opus Agency, a marketing firm.

Reality Steve dropped some fascinating details about Abigail in his blog, namely that she was born deaf. In fact, her mom, Suzie Heringer, spoke about this to The Salem Statesman in October 2020, saying: "I was surprised she was willing to share her story about her hearing loss. It's something she usually doesn't talk much about. With her disability, if that can impact one other person, it's worth sharing the story." 

Her mom also said that she told Abigail that her grandparents would be watching her season, so ... pretty much the most mom thing we've heard in a while! But very cute at the same time. Abigail's a huge hit with Matt and, as Reality Steve says, she gets his first impression rose, so that's a high note to start off on. We wish her all the best!