Do Jeremy And Zach Roloff Get Along?

Twin brothers Jeremy and Zach Roloff of "Little People, Big World" seem to have a good relationship, but like many siblings on television, they are not immune to feud rumors.

However, it seems fatherhood brought the brothers together, as they both welcomed their first children in 2017. In a clip from an episode of the show (via People), the brothers and their wives reflected on one of their last hangouts before welcoming their children and they seemed excited about the future. "One thing we're really excited about when we're here at the farm is just being able to hang out with Zach and Tori," Jeremy commented. "Zach and I are entering the same season of life together. I think we're in that moment of realizing, 'Wow. This is the last couple hangouts we're going to have until we're parents,'" he added.

Although it's obvious their children spend time together, are Jeremy and Zach really at odds? Keep reading for more details.

Jeremy and Zach Roloff do not seem to be feuding

Although Jeremy and Zach Roloff do not fawn over each other on social media, there does not seem to be evidence of a feud.

Once Jeremy announced he was leaving "Little People, Big World" in July 2018, fans began seeing more of Zach and his wife Tori on the show, prompting rumors that something was going on between the brothers. Jeremy said at the time, "A year ago I made the decision that this season would be our last. It has been an amazing run, and I can't say thank you enough to all of you who have watched and supported us along the ride." He mentioned "exciting stuff in the works," most likely referring to his "Behind the Scenes" podcast and the "Beating 50 Percent" initiative with his wife Audrey, where they focus on "thriving marriages."

Although Jeremy and Zach's interactions on social media are barely noticeable, it looks like the sisters-in-law keep in touch through Instagram. Tori shared on Instagram that the July 13 episode of "Little People, Big World" would be "hard" because fans would see the first part of her third pregnancy journey after revealing she dealt with a miscarriage in March. However, Audrey commented on Tori's post, writing, "You are brave." On July 19, Zach and Tori chatted with "Access Hollywood" about Jeremy and Audrey's own pregnancy announcement. "Very excited for Jeremy and Audrey," Zach said. "The family just keeps getting bigger. It's very exciting." He also added that both families were recently on the farm together. It's clear there's no feud here!