90 Day Fiance: Are Fernando & Carolina Still Together And Do They Have Kids?

"90 Day Fiancé" fans first met Fernando and Carolina in 2015 when they were cast on Season 3 of the hit TLC show. Viewers watched as the 22-year-old from Medellin, Colombia, moved in with 39-year-old Fernando in Miami, Florida, and his parents, giving way to some truly uncomfortable moments. While their relationship's ups and downs may not rank among the biggest scandals in "90 Day Fiancé" history, they sure gave us plenty of drama. In addition to trying her best to fit in with Fernando's family, who simply refused to accept her, Carolina found women's underwear in her fiancé's closet, which gave way to doubts about his fidelity. That wasn't the first time she had to confront fears of Fernando cheating as he previously admitted (via The Knot) to being unfaithful to his first wife and having to work hard to gain the "very jealous" Carolina's trust after she caught him texting and talking to other women.

Carolina also admitted feeling sad and homesick throughout her time in the States. "The stress, things are more foreign, my family, everything together — I explode," she once said. Then, when it finally came time to walk down the aisle, she still had doubts. Skyping her family right before the wedding, she admitted feeling "scared" and shared how "the family [of] Fernando hasn't accepted me. So I feel a little alone," she said, adding, "I'm not sure [about] my life with Fernando now, in America. I don't know [if I] make the right decision." Still, they tied the knot.

Fernando and Carolina are a bit of a mystery

Despite Carolina's trepidations, she and Fernando said "I do" before their 90 days ran out, but since then, she's posted a number of eyebrow-raising messages across social media, all of which appear to hint at an impending divorce. In December 2017, for example, a Redditor shared a screencap of a comment Carolina reportedly wrote in a Facebook group dedicated to the show in which she told a woman, "I just want to say thanks for my divorce." Then, in August 2020, she shared a meme to her Instagram Stories that read, per Reddit, "You know it's time for a divorce when you get more kisses from your pets than your spouse."

That October, Carolina seemed to all but confirm their separation when she took to her Stories and declared (via Reddit), "Today is a painful day for me. Today five years ago, I married this day and today I return home and end an 8-year relationship in which my partner was not happy with me and I had to find out through his new girlfriend," she wrote, concluding, "So we better say goodbye." In the end, however, neither she nor Fernando confirmed whether or not they had split. Jump to July 2021 and Us Weekly reported that the pair was indeed married with no kids, but that may not be the whole truth when you consider that Carolina's original Instagram handle, @caroverdini, is gone and Fernando's Instagram feed, which begins in December 2019, has no mention of his wife.