OutDaughtered Season 9 - Here's What We Can Tell Fans So Far

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If you grew up in a large family, then you know that things can get hectic. That's basically the premise of TLC's "OutDaughtered." Following in the footsteps of other TLC hits like "19 Kids and Counting" and "Jon & Kate Plus 8," "OutDaughtered" tells the story of a family of three that suddenly became eight with the birth of their quintuplet daughters.

Fans have been enthralled with the trials and tribulations of Danielle Busby and Adam Busby, their eldest daughter Blayke, and their quintuplets Ava, Olivia, Riley, Parker, and Hazel from Season 1 to Season 8. Season 8 was darker than its predecessors as it primarily focused on Danielle's declining health thanks to a mysterious illness. While Danielle struggled to get a diagnosis, Adam struggled to keep his six daughters in check. Season 8 ended with the family feeling a little overwhelmed, to say the least, leaving fans concerned that they might not be up for Season 9.

So, what's the deal? Will the Busbys return for another season? And if so, who will be in the cast? Most importantly though, what's going on with Danielle's health? Read on to find out.

When will Season 9 air?

The final episode of Season 8 of "OutDaughtered" aired in May 2021. Given that was nearly two years ago, fans are eager to know when (and if) they get to see their favorite family again. Despite the fact that TLC has not confirmed a new season, there's no reason to think the network would pull the plug on the show this late in the game.

"OutDaughtered" has received positive reviews from fans who took to Twitter to express their delight after the Season 8 finale. "The last two episodes of Outdaughtered last season [were] wow," wrote one fan. Others were sad to see the season end. "Amazing season. I loved every episode of this season and past seasons I will definitely miss y'all," wrote one devoted fan. "But I know y'all be back soon. Bye for now."

So, when is the new season coming? Well, we can't tell you because "OutDaughtered" is indefinitely on hiatus. "The show wasn't canceled," Adam Busby said during a 2022 YouTube update. "It just became a strain on everyone" Adam added that between working, school, and filming the family was exhausted. "We got through the last season and we were like, man, I think everybody, the crew included, just needs a break," he said. Just because they're taking a break, doesn't mean they've ruled out a return to TV in the future. "We're kind of keeping things open," he insisted. "We're still in talks with the network and communicate with them."

Who's in the cast?

In a show about kids, the question of who will be in the cast isn't very complicated. But, as "OutDaughtered" is a show about a family with six daughters, having all six kids, Blayke, Ava, Olivia, Riley, Parker, and Hazel — as well as mom and dad around — is a prerequisite for a Season 9. In recent years, producers have focused more and more on Hazel.

Hazel is the only one of the quintuplets that has red hair and blue eyes. Additionally, Hazel has a health condition that has provided a storyline through the seasons. Hazel suffers from nystagmus, which requires her to wear glasses and frequently go to the doctor. On the bright side, like all little kids with bad eyes, Hazel looks adorable in her glasses like no adult ever could.

So, we know that if there is a Season 9, the whole family will come back. That just leaves fan-favorite Uncle Dale. Dale is married to Danielle's sister Crystal, and shares a special bond with his nieces, particularly Hazel. Fans fell even more in love with him in Season 8 when he stepped up to help care for the kids as Danielle's attention was diverted away to her own medical condition. Here's hoping we see a lot more of Dale in Season 9!

What's going on with Danielle's health?

Much of Season 8 of "OutDaughtered" focused on mom Danielle Busby's mysterious illness. Things took a turn for Danielle in November 2020 when she was hospitalized for "alarming sensations" in her limbs. Danielle was released from the hospital, but that was just the beginning of her journey. The mom of six has met with just about every specialist you could think of, including a cardiologist and a rheumatologist, but has yet to get any clear answers.

Despite the stressful nature of the situation, Danielle is putting on a brave face and making sure to take time to relax and bond with her family. In fact, her illness is part of the reason the family decided to step away from the show — especially as the couple is still grappling with questions about the nature of Danielle's problems which they have at least narrowed down to an autoimmune issue. "We still haven't quite 100% found out [what's wrong with Danielle]," Adam said in their 2022 update video. It may not have come easy, but ultimately taking some time away from TLC and their intense production schedule was for the best. "Stress does play a toll on our bodies," Danielle said, and taking a break has allowed her to relax.

Where can I watch 'OutDaughtered'?

While you wait for the Busby family to decide if they're coming back to TLC, you can still catch up on past episodes of "OutDaughtered." You may eventually run out of episodes – although with eight seasons it may take a while – but thankfully there is no shortage of places to watch.

"OutDaughtered" is available on Hulu when you upgrade to their "live TV" plan. If that's not for you, it's also streaming on AppleTV and Amazon Prime for $1.99 or $2.99 an episode. Additionally, you can also stream it with a Discovery+ or a YouTube TV subscription. If you want the most up-to-date Busby info though, the best place to go is their YouTube channel.

While the family has decided that filming with a professional crew is a little too much at the moment, they still regularly update their YouTube channel every few days. The channel has videos on everything from the girls practicing for cheerleading tryouts to doing laundry to Danielle's health updates.