Inside Tyler Cameron's Reported Split From Camila Kendra

"Bachelorette" Season 15 alum Tyler Cameron and Camila Kendra were once head-over-heels for each other, but it appears they are no longer together, according to Page Six.

Cameron and Kendra were first linked in January, meeting through Instagram, according to the July 27 episode of " Watch What Happens Live" (via Us Weekly). "She asked me if I was from L.A., I was like, 'No, I'm Florida,' and she's like, 'I'm in Florida.' She was an hour away, we met and that's how it happened," he said. Cameron told Andy Cohen, "We couldn't even look at the menu, so I just told them, like, 'Bring whatever.' We just talked, hung out. We sat there for four hours. I had a great night."

Sparks flew between these two, according to Cameron, but she said the L-word first. "She said 'I love you' and then I came later. It was at a moment of pure love, like, it just came out. You know what I mean? It was not the way I expected it, but it was beautiful," he said. He noted that he wanted to share his feelings "earlier," but he was "still scared." "I knew I loved her," he added.

Despite the good vibes, what really went wrong between Tyler and Camila? Keep reading for more details.

Tyler Cameron and Camila Kendra unfollowed each other on Instagram

Tyler Cameron and Camila Kendra are no longer together after dating for eight months, according to Page Six. "Things took a turn," a source told the outlet.

The couple reportedly unfollowed each other on Instagram in early August, per the outlet, never a good sign. Kendra also hit the unfollow button on his brother Ryan, per Page Six, apparently making it clear that she's done with Cameron for good. However, their friends thought this union would last longer than several months, according to an August 9 Us Weekly report. "Things were going well until they weren't," a source told the outlet. "Friends were surprised things ended so quickly."

Cameron did not seem to be upset over the breakup and seems to have made a return to the dating scene, per Page Six. The Instagram account Deuxmoi shared a photo of him at a bar in Jacksonville, Fla. as an unknown woman reportedly touched his chest. A source told the account that the "blonde girl [was] all over him." It seems like Cameron may not be single for long!