The Truth About Katie Thurston And Blake Moynes' Engagement

Katie Thurston's journey to find love has finally come to an end. After a season full of drama, multiple self-eliminations, and Katie almost sending herself home, Season 17 — the first season of "The Bachelorette" without Chris Harrison as the host – has wrapped. The road to get there was not an easy one, and the last few episodes of Season 17 left viewers wondering if Katie would end up with any of the men. The widowed father Michael Allio was a fan favorite, and a favorite of Katie's as well. She was visibly distraught when he sent himself home after an emotional phone call with his son before Katie got the chance to meet his family.

Following her hometown date with Greg Grippo, who had been a front runner since he got the first one-on-one date and the pair bonded over their late fathers, he confessed his love to Katie. Katie replied "I love looking at you," which upset Greg and led to a fight between the two of them. The next morning the fight continued and Katie attempted to reassure him by saying he was her "No. 1," which just upset Greg even further, and eventually, he left, per Us Weekly. Following his exit, the titular bank marketing manager broke down, wanting someone to book her a flight home. That episode ended with fans wondering if she'd end up with anyone, or if Season 17 would end there.

Blake pops the question to Katie after some hesitation

Katie Thurston went on a fantasy suite date with Blake and the two exchanged "I love you's." After Katie sent Justin Glaze home before their date began, Blake met Katie's mom and aunt, who were skeptical of their relationship. After a less-than-ideal meeting of Katie's family, Blake looked at rings with Tayshia Adams and found himself wondering if an engagement was the right move.

At the proposal site in a floor-length, green bedazzled dress, Katie expressed her love. "I always thought you showed up late, but if there's anything I've learned during our journey together, it's that love shows up when it wants, regardless of time, tradition, expectations, and that's why we're standing right here in this very moment," she confessed, per Us Weekly. Blake replied, making it seem like he might not propose to Katie. "I can't give you what you came here for because you deserve a lot more than that," the wildlife manager started. "You deserve the world, and I'm excited to support you and be there for you every day moving forward." Blake then got down on one knee and proposed during the Season Finale with an oval-shaped Neil Lane engagement ring.

Katie and Blake make their first public appearance as an engaged couple

After the Season 17 finale, Katie Thurston confronted her exes, Justin and Greg, before Blake Moynes joined her on stage. Justin and Katie's reunion was cordial and respectful, while Katie was much more heated during her reunion with Greg, accusing him of gaslighting her. "You spoke down to me, you say you love me, you didn't even bother to say goodbye...I don't think you know what love is because that was a time where I needed you the most and you ran away," Katie exclaimed, per E! News. Katie accused Greg of "acting" and "using her" to get exposure.

Katie's mood shifted when Blake came out and the pair gushed about each other to hosts Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams. "I just had this crazy, weird intuition and feeling that we would hit it off because we're so similar," Blake divulged. "It was just wild how it all kind of spiraled out of control in the best way," he said, per Us Weekly. "I think everyone can agree that this is exactly who I was supposed to be with," Katie said tearfully. "He fought to be here for me and chose to stay even when I'm telling him to his face that I considered leaving. ... I'm just so lucky. I love him so much." 

The two are looking adorbs on Instagram (seen above) celebrating Blake's birthday, and that's that!