Body Language Expert Dissects Katie Thurston And Greg Grippo's Explosive Reunion

By now, Bachelor Nation is used to high-octane drama from the show's proposals (or sometimes, lack thereof) and subsequent "After The Final Rose" episodes. The latter is a chance for audiences to catch up with the lead, as well as an opportunity for the bachelor or bachelorette to hash out any unresolved tension with his or her contestants. With that said, Katie Thurston may have had one of the franchise's most antagonistic confrontations with Greg Grippo in Bachelor history (and that's coming from the same show that brought you the Vienna Girardi and Jake Pavelka mess)!

A quick refresher for anyone who may not be familiar with Katie and Greg's relationship status: During the pair's hometown date (which aired on August 2), Greg confessed his love to Katie. In response, Katie said, "I love looking at you," which was not the answer Greg was looking for. Things between the two of them imploded further still when Katie attempted to reassure Greg by calling him her "No. 1," per Us Weekly. After explaining that he just wanted the "real Katie," Greg decided to leave the show. Understandably, Katie and Greg's reconciliation on ATFR was far from cordial — in fact, Katie appeared overly angry (especially for someone claiming to be "happily" engaged) and came out swinging at her one-time suitor. Nicki Swift spoke with a body language expert to dissect the duo's explosive reunion, which we discuss below. Keep reading for more!

Katie Thurston's body language revealed her anger

According to media trainer and communication consultant Jess Ponce III, author of "A.W.E.S.O.M.E: Seven Keys to Unlocking the Speaker Within," Katie Thurston was "fired up" when she reunited with Greg Grippo during the Bachelor's "After The Final Rose." At the start, "Katie looked straight ahead with her legs crossed and her arms on her knees," Ponce explains, noting that Katie only made eye contact to deliver "her punches." While speaking, "her hands remained on her knees," although Katie did gesture in select moments, such as when she recounted giving Greg "validation every single week," Ponce adds.

In contrast, Greg was "attentive with a soft gaze. As he thought about his initial response, he [made] a very self-conscious action: he moved his hand through his hair," Ponce told Nicki Swift. It's a move that "can be interpreted as nervousness," which audiences may sympathize with, given the way Katie went on the offensive! According to Ponce, "Greg stumbled in his initial response. He felt put on the spot and rightfully so." Also, "Greg did look at Katie throughout the exchange and his body was facing hers."

Katie also contradicted herself, something that's known as "a double bind," Ponce said. After accusing Greg of "acting" at her expense, she declared, "it's not about the acting," though her body language revealed obvious anger (thus contradicting her claim). Judging by this heated exchange, it's unlikely these exes will ever be friendly again.