What The Bachelor's Victoria Paul Does For A Living

Victoria Paul joined Bachelor Nation as a contestant for Peter Weber's run as "The Bachelor" during Season 24. The blond beauty had been through some serious hardships earlier in her life, and she often wore her heart on her sleeve as she pursued Peter's final rose. Victoria didn't end up with Peter, but she decided to look for love again in front of cameras for the upcoming season of "Bachelor in Paradise." Fans may wonder how much her life has changed since first stepping out of the limousine to meet Peter, including what she's doing in terms of a career these days.

During "The Bachelor," Victoria talked about how, as a child, her mother dealt with addiction issues. She noted during her introductory video her dad died when she was just 2 years old. And in April 2021, Victoria revealed on Instagram she'd also had open heart surgery when she was young, "before I could walk." She became her sister's primary caregiver as her mother struggled and "fell into addiction," Victoria explained in the video. She revealed, "There were times that my sister and I didn't know where our next meal would come from" and they didn't always have "clothes or shoes that fit." They spent time in homeless shelters on-and-off during those years, and as a result, Victoria found she had to grow up quickly.

Victoria Paul won pageants and pursued nursing

Despite the challenges she faced throughout her childhood, Victoria Paul pushed forward and attended college, per her LinkedIn. She earned a degree in business from University of Louisiana at Lafayette, as well as an associate's degree in family practice nursing, becoming a licensed nurse in Louisiana in 2016. After college, Victoria started working as a nurse in an urgent care setting while doing double duty by working as a sales and marketing specialist at a dermatology office.

Victoria also got involved in the Miss Universe organization and became Miss Louisiana USA in 2019, per her pageant biography. During her pageant career, she took to Instagram and wrote, "All of my life, all I ever dreamed was for my past experiences to mean something, to lift others up, and to be a light in this world."

After doing "The Bachelor," Victoria embraced the influencer life, like many of her fellow reality TV stars. Her Instagram bio still states she is a nurse, and details she's now living in Nashville. On Instagram, Victoria often promotes brands like Revolve and Bondi Boost. Additionally, in April 2021, Victoria noted that her heart surgery scar from childhood left her with a "significant insecurity," and she spent the "majority of my childhood hiding the parts of me that I felt were less than perfect." Now, she believes "stories of overcoming should be celebrated, not hidden," and she seems determined to help others do the same for themselves.

'The Bachelor' star is living the good life these days

Victoria Paul remains close friends with several ladies she met during "The Bachelor, as her Instagram shows. She often hangs out with Victoria Fuller, who revealed on her own Instagram she had also moved to Tennessee. Both women helped Kelsey Weir celebrate her birthday in Nashville, which was also documented on Instagram.

"The Bachelor" beauty remains close to her family, and she recently traveled to Louisiana with her dog Doodle to see them. "sobriety looks so good on u, mama!!!" she noted in an Instagram post of trip photos. While Victoria shares plenty of social media snapshots showing her looking absolutely gorgeous, she also encourages people to embrace their true selves. "here I am. the quirky, flawed, ever-growing human that I am," she detailed in a recent post. "apologizing to myself for the times I blurred the lines, altered my light, and shrunk myself to fit into someone else's timeline," she added.

Now, as Season 7 of "Bachelor in Paradise" premieres on August 16, we can't wait to see if Victoria will find love.

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