Dax Shepard Accidentally Taught His Daughter The F-Word

Uh-oh! Dax Shepard may be in hot water with wife Kristen Bell.

The CHiPs (2017) star, 42, sat down on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and revealed that he recently taught their daughter the dreaded F-word. But, he insists, it was all an accident!

Shepard told host Ellen Degeneres about the night in question. "One night, I'm in there, I sing them 'Wheels on the Bus,' everything's good, they're going to sleep," he begins. "I go to bend down to pick up the towel to put it under the door [to block light from entering], they have a bookshelf...wham, straight into the bridge of my nose. Almost blacked out."

Of course, Shepard let out a whole stream of curse words. Really, who wouldn't in that situation?

"I let a couple 'motherf*****s' rip, 'cause I've lost count of where I'm at," he explains to Degeneres. "I feel like I'm in an alley or something."

But, unfortunately, his daughters, 3-year-old Lincoln Shepard and 2-year-old Delta Bell Shepard, were listening. While the youngest child hasn't repeated any of Shepard's pained remarks, his older daughter has certainly taken a liking to them.

"Two days later, Kristen's walking down the hallway and Lincoln's in her room trying to get a sweatshirt off," Shepard shares. "And her arms are all bound up in it and she's getting frustrated and she goes, 'Oh, f***!'"

Like any good parents, Shepard and Bell, 36, of course, don't want their child to be cursing, so they chose to ignore their daughter's slip. They figured, if they corrected her, she'd learn it's a forbidden word, and then she'd say it constantly.

And while it seems like that strategy could have worked, it just didn't do the trick for little Lincoln. At a pool party with her parents hours later, she noted, "This pool's f***in' warm."

Still, the celeb parents, who shared the births of their daughters in interesting ways, chose to ignore the incident, which did seem to work this time, but they couldn't ignore how their daughter used the word.

"We were like, 'She's nailing the syntax. She knows [how to use it] as an adjective, as an adverb,'" Shepard revealed. "We were proud."