Prince Charles Might Make Changes That Will Benefit Charlotte And Louis, Royal Expert Says

The royal family has been making headlines for years, but it seems that the media has taken up a particularly keen interest in Prince Charles' sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, over the last decade or so. Royal watchers have kept a close eye on William and Harry ever since they lost their mother back in 1997. As the two have grown into adults and started their own families, people around the globe have become almost infatuated by their every move. From royal weddings to royal babies, William and Harry have found their lives  documented in one way or another. Of course, this isn't really surprising as William and Harry's father will one day become king — and William after him.

Over the past few years, Harry's decisions have topped the charts, and his union with Meghan Markle is one of the most talked about among all of the royal family. Harry's decision to step down as a senior member of the royal family and move to the United States has caused a media storm that hasn't slowed. And while there is a sizable rift between Harry and his family — namely his father and his older brother — the hullabaloo surrounding Harry's personal life doesn't seem to be slowing any. All of that said, one has to wonder if Harry's father has taken anything away from his son's decisions, and if they will cause him to make any changes within The Firm. At least one royal expert believes this to be the case. Read on for more.

Prince Charles could give Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis more freedom

Royal expert Ingrid Seward believes that Prince Charles will indeed make some changes when it comes to two of his grandchildren, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. According to Express, Seward believes that Charles has learned a lot from Prince Harry's experience living under the monarchy's rule, and suggests that he may loosen up a bit when it comes to Charlotte and Louis, both of whom are behind their older brother, Prince George, in the line of succession, according to the royal family's official website

"I think they will have to be given more freedom. Obviously Charles is right in the firing line with Harry, so he can see the mistakes he made with Harry. Harry just did what he wanted basically. So did William up to a point. But I think that Charlotte and Louis will have a very much less royal existence," Seward told Express. While this doesn't necessarily mean that Charlotte and Louis will run amuck, it does coincide with reports that Charles wants to "slim down" the monarchy (via The Telegraph) — something that Seward says will not happen until after Queen Elizabeth dies. "I don't think anything will happen until after the Queen has gone to greener pastures," Seward told Express.