The Real-Life Partners Of The Cast Of Infinite

"Infinite" is an American sci-fi thriller film based on the book "The Reincarnationist Papers" by D. Eric Maikranz. Per Westword, getting self-published in 2009, the novel went through a series of lucky chances and made its way to screens 12 years later.

First, the author wrote a plea on the first page of the book which offered a cash reward to any reader who could get his book into Hollywood. "Essentially, I crowdsourced my readers to become my agents," said Maikranz, per the Coloradan Alumni Magazine. Then in 2010, Rafi Crohn, an assistant to a Hollywood movie producer, found a copy of the book in Nepal. From then, Maikranz and Crohn teamed up to turn the book into a movie. In 2017, it was picked up by Paramount Pictures, Antoine Fuqua came on board as the director, and the film name became "Infinite." The Matrix-like film follows a group of Infinites who are reincarnated human beings. "Some characters go back 10 or 20 lives," Maikranz explains.

"Infinite" has an expansive main cast, featuring stars like Mark Wahlberg, Sophie Cookson, Dylan O'Brien and Toby Jones. The multiple timelines, fast-paced action sequences, and high stakes stunts mean this film is pretty romance free, apart from one tragic love story. But thankfully, that's not the case off the screen. Keep reading to find out the real-life partners of the cast of "Infinite." (At the time of writing, "Infinite" stars Chiwetel Ejiofor, Jason Mantzoukas, Tom Hughes, and Wallis Day appear to be single.)

Sophie Cookson lives a low-key life with her partner Stephen Campbell Moore

British actor Sophie Cookson stars as Evan McCauley's ally Nora Brightman in "Infinite." In the film, Nora is separated from her soulmate, Abel, but thankfully the actor has a far less dramatic relationship status in real-life.

Cookson is in a relationship with fellow British actor Stephen Campbell Moore, who is known for playing Jonathan Gresham in the "War of the Worlds" television series. The pair met while filming the movie "Red Joan" in 2017. Moore was married to "The Crown" star Claire Foy at the time, but they announced their split in 2018, stating that they had already been separated for "some time," per the Daily Mail. Cookson and Moore keep their relationship very low-key, so it's not clear exactly when they started dating. 

While doing press for "Infinite," the "Kingsman: Secret Service" actor shared that she's been enjoying spending quality time with her partner during quarantine. As Cookson shared with WWD, the couple have taken on "simple activities" like reading, cooking and watching television. "We finally watched the original 'True Detective,' which blew my mind," Cookson revealed. The actors also welcomed their first child in the fall of 2020 and have been busy enjoying family life, Cookson confirmed to WWD.

Mark Wahlberg says he wouldn't be the man he is today without his wife Rhea Durham

In "Infinite," Mark Wahlberg plays the lead character Evan McCauley. Wahlberg joined the project after "Captain America" star Chris Evans dropped out due to scheduling conflicts, per The Hollywood Reporter.

Alongside his busy acting schedule — which made him the third-highest paid actor of 2020, USA Today reported — Wahlberg makes plenty of time for life off the screen. The "Transformers" star married American model Rhea Durham in 2009. "I owe a lot to my wife," Wahlberg told The Sun in 2018. "She has helped me become the man that I am and created a beautiful life for me and our children."

Alongside their busy home life, the couple sure seem to keep their relationship light-hearted. While on holiday in Barbados with his wife, Wahlberg posted a video on Instagram about his new year's resolutions. Durham, who was filming the video, can be heard laughing and joking about her husband's shirtless body in the background. "Hopefully you'll find a shirt," the former model said from behind the camera as Wahlberg tried to announce his plans for the new year. The actor defended himself saying he's on vacation, but Durham continued to poke fun at her husband. "What about the other times?" she asked in a fit of laughter.

Dylan O'Brien has a complicated relationship history

Dylan O'Brien of "Teen Wolf" fame has an important appearance at the beginning of "Infinite." O'Brien plays Henrich Treadway, a prior incarnation of Mark Wahlberg's character, who hid a dangerous weapon that everyone in the film is trying to find. Off-screen, the "Maze Runner" star has dated several fellow actors, including Britt Robertson, who was his co-star in "The First Time." Robertson is known for playing Julia Roberts' long-lost daughter in "Mother's Day" and for her starring role in "I Still Believe" alongside "Riverdale" star KJ Apa.

O'Brien and Robertson got together in 2012 and, after a few years of dating, "The Longest Ride" actor revealed that she and her beau were so comfortable with each other that they would watch the other's love scenes together. "I've watched with him episodes of "Teen Wolf" where he's making out with my best friend [Shelley Hennig]," she said in HollywoodLife. Their relationship wasn't meant to be, though, and the duo sadly split in 2018 after six years together.

Prior to dating Robertson, O'Brien revealed to Hollywire that he thought Chloë Grace Moretz was "amazing" and announced, "I have a crush on her." O'Brien started dating Moretz following his split from Robertson, but the romance was short-lived. The "Love and Monsters" star has also been romantically linked to fellow actor Sarah Ramos, but those rumors proved unfounded, per Distractify. It seems O'Brien is currently single and focusing on work for the moment.

Liz Carr and Jo Church had a Day of the Dead-themed wedding

British actor and activist Liz Carr is well known for a variety of television appearances, but was thrilled to bag her second ever film credit when she joined the cast of "Infinite." Carr announced the news on Twitter two years after her audition and described the role as a "dream come true." Previously, Carr had a main role in British crime drama "Silent Witness" from 2012 to 2020 and has more recently appeared in the Netflix series "The Witcher."

Off-screen, the actor is in a relationship with writer and disability rights activist Jo Church. The duo "entered a civil partnership in 2010," per Hello! After the ceremony, Carr wrote an essay describing their day as "perfect" (via Hello!). The couple chose to have their wedding on November 2 so they could celebrate with a Day of the Dead theme. "Since we've both lost so many family [members] and disabled friends along the way, we chose this date so that we could celebrate with those from our past and our present," Carr shared.

Rupert Friend eloped with his wife Aimee Mullins in an intimate ceremony

"A Simple Favor" actor Rupert Friend plays the former incarnation of Chiwetel Ejiofor's villain Bathurst in "Infinite." Friend appears as Bathurst in the film's opening sequence where he is enthralled in a dramatic chase scene following Dylan O'Brien's character Henrich Treadway.

In the real world, Friend is married to Paralympic athlete turned actor Aimee Mullins. As People reported at the time, the two revealed they were engaged in 2014, and a couple of years later, Mullins announced her marriage to the British actor in a social media post that commemorated their one-month anniversary. "Celebrating one beautiful month of being married to my best Friend!" she wrote on June 1, 2016, per Instagram. "The 1st of May was a gorgeous rainy day," Mullins added, alongside a picture of their outdoor wedding.

The couple eloped and had an intimate ceremony, Friend revealed on "Live With Kelly." "It was four people, two of which were Aimee and myself," he explained. "We got married in a compost shed at a beautiful farm in the rain. It was the perfect, perfect wedding."

Toby Jones married his wife Karen Jones after 25 years together

British actor Tobias "Toby" Jones plays supporting character Bryan Porter in "Infinite." The famed actor's long list of credits includes Arnim Zola in the "Captain America" films and voicing the house-elf Dobby in the "Harry Potter" franchise.

Off-screen, the actor is married to criminal defense attorney Karen Jones. The couple, who share two daughters, tied the knot "after 25 years together," per The Sun. During an appearance on "The Graham Norton Show," the actor explained how his marriage came about when the show host jokingly asked if he and Karen had been "saving" all that time. "Well, we proposed and accepted about three or four times," Jones revealed (via BBC America). "I proposed once ... [but] nothing happened and the next time she proposed to me on a leap year and I said yeah absolutely, you know, yeah, nothing happened. And then the third time, I proposed again, nothing happened and then we said we've got to stop proposing."

Jones told Norton that they wanted to get married, but the couple just "couldn't agree how to do it." Eventually they made it work, though, and the couple married in 2014.

Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson says he and his wife Rósa Björk Sveinsdóttir are like 'two peas in a pod'

Another member of the "Infinite" roster is Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson. The "Game of Thrones" actor plays Kovic, an ally of Evan and Nora.

The Icelandic actor married Rósa Björk Sveinsdóttir in 2011. And Sveindóttir's line of work is very different from her husband's profession: Per IMDb, she is an economist. Despite their busy careers, the couple's focus is definitely on family. Jóhannesson regularly posts pictures of his wife and their three children on Instagram. The actor loves to share snaps of their adventures, which include everything from skiing to paddle boarding.

Their home lives are undoubtedly very busy, so the "Cursed" star always makes sure he and his wife have time together. "After the kids go to sleep, me and the wife have the evening to ourselves," he explained to The Reykjavík Grapevine. "We get a babysitter to stay with them whilst we go out for a walk by the sea. We come back, have a cup of tea in our lovely home and go to bed. Happy as two peas in a pod."

Kae Alexander collaborated on quarantine project with longtime partner Lewis Goody

Kae Alexander plays an ally of Nora and Kovic's in "Infinite." The "Ready Player One" actor is in a relationship with Lewis Goody. The English-Japanese star and the British actor, comedian, and sound designer have been together since 2011. "6 years of laughing and fighting!" Alexander wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of a sweet Polaroid in 2017. 

Alexander and Goody are avid travelers and often share snaps of their adventures on social media. "7 days of paradise with this film star," Alexander said on Instagram alongside a picture of the two of them enjoying drinks on the holiday in Ibiza. And after they visited Flor de sal d'es Trenc, she shared a pic of Goody clutching multiple bags of salt and wrote, "'It's just salt babe!' after an hour at the best Salt shop EVEAAAA."

The couple, who live together in London, decided to put their creativity to use during the UK's lockdown. Together they collaborated on a short film called "Handstands." "A funny video didn't seem right this week so here is a short film, written by my amazing partner in crime Kae," Goody wrote on his Facebook page shortly after the death of George Floyd. Goody handled the sound and Alexander starred in the film, which aimed to show the crushing power of racism.

Joana Ribeiro is Instagram official with her partner Diogo Botelho

Portuguese actor Joana Ribeiro plays Leona in "Infinite." She is the former incarnation of Sophie Cookson's character Nora Brightman and appears alongside Abel and Treadway before they are all killed by Rupert Friend's iteration of Bathurst.

Off-screen, the actor is in a relationship with Porto native Diogo Botelho. "The Man Who Killed Don Quixote" star tends to keep details of her personal life under wraps, but she did confirm her relationship status with an adorable post on Instagram. "1 year and counting," the actor wrote alongside a snap of her kissing her beau on the cheek.

Botelho, who is a passionate photographer, had previously hinted at his relationship with Ribeiro. Six months before the actor had officially announced they were a thing on her page, Botelho shared a close-up snap of himself and Ribeiro standing in front of the beach. "Happy," he wrote beneath the photo on Instagram. Alongside the caption, Botelho added the hashtag "couple," which pretty much confirmed his relationship with the "Fatima" star. How's that for infinitely adorable?