Stars Audition To Become Stephen Hawking's New Voice

For the first time in over three decades, Stephen Hawking is looking to change up his sound. Lucky for him, there are a handful of A-listers who are more than eager to audition for the once in a lifetime opportunity.

For Red Nose Day, the world-renowned scientist teamed up with Comic Relief to hold auditions to find a replacement for his trademark, computerized voice. After an Oscar-winning performance as Hawking in The Theory of Everything, we thought that Eddie Redmayne would be a shoe in – guess not! The vocal talent at the casting call included famous voices like Liam Neeson, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Rebel Wilson and Miss Piggy, to name a few.

Some celebrities like Liam Neeson were very confident in their abilities to provide a cool, new sound for the scientist and weren't afraid to tell him so, saying, "Stephen, it's me. Surely it has to be me. Listen to my voice – it's deep, it's sexy, it's got a ting of physics."

Others, like Redmayne, were annoyed that they even had to go through the audition process at all. "So what is it, like a sequel?" He said. "If they want me to go through that again, they're going to have to pay me a shedload of cash."

As this is just one of the many sketches for Red Nose Day, it's unlikely that any of these celebs will actually become Hawking's new voice. However, if you want to know who Hawking thought would be a good fit, you can watch the full video here.

The star-studded affair that is Red Nose Day airs in the U.K. on BBC One on March 24 and will air in the U.S. on NBC on May 25.