Jennifer Lopez Sued By Hoverboard Company

A hoverboard company has filed a lawsuit against Jennifer Lopez for failing to live up to her expectations as a social influencer.

According to TMZ, back in 2015, when riding hoverboards was the new walking, JLo signed a deal with Sidekick Group Corp to promote their products. The company sent 42 hoverboards to Las Vegas for the singer to use during her "All I Have" show at Planet Hollywood – J-Lo plus hoverboards, doesn't get much better than that. In return, Sidekick asked the songstress to post about the company's hoverboards at least once every three months. If you look at Lopez's Instagram or Twitter account, it's clear that the singer is super active on both platforms so one social media post every three months should be super easy right? Apparently not.

Although Lopez did tweet about the product once in May 2016, that was the beginning and the end of her promotion for the company which was just a tad bit shy of their initial agreement.

We understand that Ms. Lopez is a busy woman what with her various television commitments and whirlwind love life, but now she's going to have to choose between paying the company over $50,000 or entering into what could be a drawn-out legal battle – yikes!

The company is asking that Lopez pay $54,390, which is the retail value of the 42 hoverboards.