A-Rod Confirms Relationship With 'Amazing' Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez wasn't doing much to hide or deny her relationship with Alex Rodriguez, and now he's flat-out confirmed it publicly.

During an appearance on The View on Friday, March 31, 2017, Rodriguez, 41, blushed and told the panel, "It's obvious [who I'm dating]. We've been having a great time ... She's a big Yankee fan. We're having a great time. She's an amazing, amazing girl, one of the smartest human beings I've ever met, and also an incredible mother."

"She was a track star in high school and junior high. She's an awesome, awesome athlete," he continued. "She just likes simple things. I mean, she's a very, very simple person. Loves family. Is a great sister. Is a great daughter."

When pressed for more details on her life, including what her guilty pleasures are, A-Rod replied, "She'll kill me if I say too much, but she loves chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate chip cookies." So cute!

Insiders told E! News that Lopez, 47, and Rodriguez's romance is the real deal.

"Jennifer and Alex are heating up big time," a source said. "They went from 0 to 100 real quick. Friends are slowly thinking this may actually be a great match. He calls J.Lo his lady. He would wife her up in a heartbeat ... She is different than other people he's dated."

The pair have already vacationed together in the Bahamas, and J. Lo joined Rodriguez in Tampa, Fla., for New York Yankees spring training.

Sources close to the couple echoed those sentiments to People on March 27, 2017, just days before A-Rod's televised gushing. "They are definitely getting more serious. A-Rod flew to L.A. before the weekend to be with Jennifer. She was ecstatic to see him. When apart, they speak every day. It's like they can't get enough of each other." A source previously told Us Weekly, "They definitely see a future together."