Scarlett Johansson Slams Ivanka Trump

Scarlett Johansson slammed Ivanka Trump for not speaking out against her father's policies.

First, some background: The Ghost In The Shell (2017) star parodied Ivanka in a sketch on Saturday Night Live on March 13, 2017. In it,  Johansson, as Ivanka, shilled a perfume called "Complicit," which had the tagline, "For the woman who could stop all of this, but won't."

Ivanka, 35, countered Johansson and SNL's portrayal, telling CBS News on April 4, 2017, "If being complicit is wanting to be a force for good and to make a positive impact then I'm complicit. I don't know that the critics who may say that of me, if they found themselves in this very unique and unprecedented situation that I am now in, would do any differently than I am doing. So I hope to make a positive impact ... I would say not to conflate lack of public denouncement with silence. In some case it's through protest and it's through going on the nightly news and talking about or denouncing every issue in which you disagree with. Other times it is quietly, and directly, and candidly. So where I disagree with my father, he knows it, and I express myself with total candor. Where I agree, I fully lean in and support the agenda and hope that I can be an asset to him and make a positive impact. But I respect the fact that he always listens."

Johansson, 32, slammed Ivanka's response in a speech at the Women In The World summit on April 6, 2017.

"It was really baffling. You can't have it both ways," Johansson snapped. "If you take a job as a public advocate, then you have to advocate publicly."

She added sarcastically, "I thought to myself [of Ivanka's interview], 'Well, that's empowering.' How old-fashioned, this idea that behind a great man is a great woman. What about being in front of that person or next to that person?"

Johansson, who was an outspoken supporter of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election and a speaker at the Women's March, continued (via People), "Powerful women often get concerned with this idea that they're going to be seen in this unforgiving light. ... Screw that! It's so uninspired and actually really cowardly."