Chris Kattan Calls Dancing With The Stars Unfair

Former SNL star Chris Kattan is opening up about getting the boot off of Dancing With the Stars (2005-).

On April 13, 2017, Kattan, 46, revealed to Entertainment Tonight exactly what he thinks of the dancing competition reality show.

Regarding the various skill levels of the show's contestants, Kattan said, "There is an unfairness," adding that, compared to fellow contestant Olympian gymnast Simone Biles, he was "not as good of a dancer."

"Simone Biles and Charo and I are three different people going into the show," the comedian explained. "I'm not as good of a dancer as Charo [and] we have our different moves, but we can't move like Simone Biles."

Considering that Biles has four gold medals to her name, we have to admit that Kattan, who was the season's first star to go home, didn't really stand a chance.

In March 2017, reports indicated that some contestants were upset that Glee (2009-15) alum—and former Beyoncé backup dancer—Heather Morris had joined the cast of the show's 24th season due to her professional dance background. "It takes the others days or even a full week to learn a routine," one source said. "She gets it down in a matter of hours."

To remedy the "unfairness" of the show, Kattan suggests that, going forward, DWTS either only accepts contestants with zero dancing experience or judges contestants according to their current skill level.

Honestly, that sounds fair.