The Most Expensive Things Scott Disick Owns

Scott Disick rose to fame as a secondary character in "Keeping Up With the Kardashians." As GQ so perfectly put it, his "on-again off-again relationship with Kourtney Kardashian provided the show with an all-too-convenient villain and scapegoat." He and Kardashian first met in 2006, one year before the premiere of the long-running reality series. The two were in Mexico at Joe Francis' house — the creator of "Girls Gone Wild." As Disick later revealed (via People), at that time, "I liked her, but she wanted nothing to do with me." Though the two never married, Disick and Kardashian share three children together.

Disick also became well-known for his partying ways. This included a scary hospitalization due to alcohol poisoning, per TMZ. And he dealt with other tragedies, like when both his parents died in the span of three months. In spite of his low points, Disick went on to build a successful personal brand. He starred in the reality series "Flip It Like Disick," which chronicled his real-estate career, and launched his own fashion brand, per GQ. Using his fame and business acumen, Disick built an impressive net worth while purchasing luxury items along the way. 

Curious what they are? Let's take a look at the most expensive things Scott Disick owns.

Scott Disick's expensive two wheels

On Halloween night in 2020, it appeared Scott Disick had a new girlfriend. After splitting with Sofia Richie in the summer, Disick showed up to the costume party with Amelia Hamlin, the daughter of actors Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin, per Us Weekly. The two began to date, with Amelia defending the 18-year-difference in age between her and Disick. And while her parents were allegedly "skeptical at first" about Amelia dating the reality TV star, "seeing their daughter happy makes them feel better about their relationship" (via Us Weekly).

By May of 2021, things were serious enough for Amelia to give Disick an amazing birthday gift. As reported by E!, Amelia gifted her boyfriend a motorcycle to celebrate Disick turning 38. Specifically, he received a motorcycle made by the famous American brand Harley-Davidson. On his Instagram, Disick posted a video of him riding the expensive gift. "New Harley can't complain," he captioned, while also saying thanks to Amelia. He didn't post the specific model of motorcycle, but even simple Harley-Davidsons — like the Softail Standard Cruiser — can cost at least $13,000, according to the brand's website.

Scott Disick pays to be beautiful

Early in his career, fans noted that Scott Disick eerily resembled Patrick Bateman, the fictional main character from the film "American Psycho." The comparison was flattering because a handsome, clean-shaven Christian Bale played the character — even though Bateman was also a serial killer in the movie. In a promo video for Kanye West's album "Yeezus," Disick leaned into the comparison and starred in the clip inspired by an iconic scene in the film. But the video also showed the beginning-of-the-end of Disick's clean-shaven look. Disick told GQ that part of the reason for growing his beard out was a change in office culture to a more relaxed atmosphere. Eventually, Disick's facial hair became an "essential part of his vibe." 

And more than just facial hair, the reality star is serious about his beauty routine. For example, Disick told Haute Living that he uses expensive beauty products daily. One of his daily moisturizers, Crème de la Mer by French brand La Mer, is one of the most expensive facial creams in the world, per TLN International. According to the brand's website, Crème de la Mer costs $190 for only one ounce of product.

For hairstyling, Disick was a big fan of the luxury haircare brand In Common Beauty. He loved the brand so much that he decided to become a business partner. According to WWD, Disick joined the team in 2021 to collaborate "on content creation, product development and community engagement."

High fashion for Scott Disick

In a 2013 interview for Haute Living, Scott Disick revealed his choice of style to make an impact. "I prepare an outfit with a fine luxurious blend of the best fabrics out there on the market today," he claimed. Disick then explained this could be "a bespoke suit from Savile Row or Tom Ford." Then, "I choose an important shoe to go with the outfit." A bespoke suit from Huntsman Savile Row, one of the most famous suit makers in London, started at almost 5,000 British pounds as of 2016, via GQ. And Tom Ford made-to-measure suits started "at $4,640, tuxedos at $5,540, shirts at $680, shoes at $3,400," per The Hollywood Reporter.

Though he clearly went for the finest options in traditional men's clothing, Disick also started to focus on more casualwear. And in 2018, he launched a clothing line called Talentless (via WWD). Touted as an "affordable luxury brand" on the brand's Instagram page, the collection features casual pieces for men and women like sweatshirts and tees. Disick told GQ the goal was to sell comfortable clothing at a fraction of the price of other high-end brands. "I think it's absolutely a mockery how expensive clothing has gotten," he said. And as far as the name, Disick explained, "I think it's a big F-U to everybody in the world that basically said that anybody that was in the reality business 10, 15 years ago didn't have talent."

The origin story of Lord Disick

Scott Disick's Instagram handle is @letthelordbewithyou. His play on biblical words is also a reference to his title, Lord of the Manor of Cruckton Ford, or Lord Disick for short, per E!. During a 2012 episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," Disick traveled to London with Kim Kardashian, her brother Rob, Kanye West, and Jonathan Cheba. While in town, Disick "became British royalty in an authentic knighting ceremony after purchasing the title over the Internet," Us Weekly recapped. Disick explained in the episode that he bought the honorary-sounding title partly because "becoming royal is going to get me the respect I deserve." Rob spoke for many viewers when he said of the idea, "It's kind of weird."

While Disick didn't disclose the cost of purchasing the Lordship, websites like Lord Titles offer title packs for as low as $34. So, while it might not have cost a lot for Disick to own a new name, his purchase was priceless in terms of publicity.

Scott Disick's premium home air

As with many celebs and influencers, it can be tough to know if a social media post is sponsored or not. That is, unless a product shout-out is clearly paid for, like when Scott Disick included a company's instructions in one of his Instagram posts. While promoting a protein powder, the reality star wrote "Here you go, at 4pm est, write the below. Caption:" followed by the part he was supposed to post, via Mashable. He later edited and reposted, but not before thousands of likes and a screenshot of his error.

Although it's clear that the post was sponsored, Disick has also shown off on his Instagram an unusual and very expensive home appliance — and it's unclear if he got paid to do so. In his house, he posed in front of an air purifier by the brand Rensair. These "portable hospital-grade air purifier" units cost roughly $3,500 according to the company's website. And according to Disick's caption, having this device at home was "bringing [him] peace of mind."

Bling is essential for Scott Disick

An integral part of many of Scott Disick's outfits is his jewelry. One example is shiny bracelets with all sorts of luxurious-looking materials. He once posted to his Instagram a close look at a multi-colored charm bracelet, which says "LORD" — a reference to his royalty title. Disick showed off the charm, surrounded by other expensive-looking bracelets. The reality star thanked Leo Glore, the owner of Glore Jewelry Inc, "for the shine." On Glore's website, the jeweler claims to work with other big celebs like 50 Cent and the Kardashians, in addition to Disick.

In another Instagram post, Disick posed with a bag from Mazza New York. The caption noted that Disick met with the jeweler to pick up "pendants and work on our next piece together." According to the company's website, many of its custom pendants cost tens of thousands of dollars. Then, in 2021, Disick and his girlfriend Amelia Hamlin were both spotted going to a jewelry store in Miami, Florida, Just Jared reported.

The artistic side of Scott Disick

Scott Disick has never been shy about buying lavish goods — or wanting to acquire more. Disick told Architectural Digest he had a wish-list piece of art by Jean-Michel Basquiat, "but [he] can't really afford it." According to Vogue, the late, American artist was a "genius" who "became an artistic supernova." And one of his works, "Untitled (1982)" sold for a record "$110.5 million dollars — the most ever paid for an American artist at auction," per Sotheby's.

Though Disick didn't own a Basquiat by the time of his interview in 2019, he owned a work of art from another famous artist, Damien Hirst. In his home, Disick owned a "blue-and-orange pill" art piece from Hirst's "Medicine Cabinets" series. Hirst's website shows the series, started in 1988, which features twelve iterations of "empty packaging of his grandmother's medication" inside cabinets. And even though the works are made of packaging and simple materials, their valuations are astounding. One piece from the series called "Bodies," sold in 2020 for over 1.3 million British pounds, Phillips reported.

The details of Scott Disick's pricey furnishings

Bordering the line between functional and art, Scott Disick keeps expensive furniture in full display at his home. Apparently, the reality star became interested in interior design as a teenager. As reported by Architectural Digest, Disick "read design magazines and wished for a Minotti sofa" as a young man. Then, once he became old enough to own a home and start decorating, "[he] started remembering all the magazines [he] used to read, the furniture brands, and different eras." And while he first loved Italian designs, Disick revealed French designers "Jean Royère, Pierre Jeanneret, and Charlotte Perriand are his current favorites." 

One of the pieces spotted in the reality star's Hidden Hills mansion was a "curvilinear Jean Royère sofa." And the French designer's pieces of furniture can amazingly sell for more than a mansion. For example, one of Royère's cream-colored sofas "sold at Christie's for 439,500 euros" in 2017. Even more, two of Royère's yellow armchairs sold for over 847,500 euros.

An expensive way for Scott Disick to get around

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, with many people forced to stay home, Scott Disick revealed he too would be spending more time at home. The reality TV star posted a photo of himself sitting in a mini Hummer parked in his driveway. "I figured if were staying home I should get a smaller car for around the neighborhood," Disick wrote in the Instagram caption. And he added, "Gotta love this."

The brand of vehicle is My Electric Vehicle, or MEV, for short. And the model appears to be the MEV Hummer HX T. The design is based on the full-size Hummer vehicle by General Motors that ended production in 2010. But this fully electric form of transportation is described as a "resort vehicle." In other words, Disick owned an extremely expensive golf cart for use on private roads. And according to TopSpeed, this model of "electric golf cart" cost around $16,000 dollars in 2011.

Scott Disick likes the wind in his hair

Even with enough money to buy multiple cars, Scott Disick owns simpler and more manual ways to get around town. In 2020, Sofia Richie and Disick went on a bike ride together as boyfriend and girlfriend, People reported. Richie posted a photo to Instagram of herself on an electric bike. And that same day, Disick shared a photo of himself also riding an electric bike on the beach, with a look of joy on his face. "Earth day at its finest," the reality star captioned, while also mentioning the brand of bike he was riding — Juiced Bikes. According to the company's website, his fat-tire model, which appears to be the Rip Current, costs nearly $2,000.

Later in 2020, Disick went on another bike ride, but this time with a different woman. Kourtney Kardashian, the mother of his three children, posted two photos on her Instagram with Disick. And both stars from "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" are seen on retro-looking bicycles, complete with baskets attached to the front.

The right time for Scott Disick to buy

As Scott Disick once told Haute Living, when he's getting ready, "My biggest choice of the day is the wristwatch." Disick explained, "If the day is professional and I know I have important meetings or am closing a business deal, I will wear what feels to be the most successful of my watches: a Patek Philippe." On Instagram, Disick posted a photo of himself in front of a soon-to-open Patek Philippe store, wearing a watch from the Swiss brand. In another photo, he gives a closer look at one of his Patek Philippe timepieces. He appears to be wearing the Nautilus model, which is one of the more simple models from the brand but according to Farfetch, still costs over $80,000.

Disick explained to Haute Living, "If my day seems more relaxed I will just wear a Rolex." Even the more simple and classic models of Rolex, like the Oyster Perpetual, cost over $5,000. "If I know I have an event to go to and I want to be a little flashy I will wear one of my completely flawless diamond Jacob and Co. watches," Disick added. The watch and jewelry company makes exceptional timepieces, like a watch for Drake that cost $620,000, Hypebeast reported. Another standout piece that Disick wears is a Richard Mille watch. In an Instagram post, he showed off his RM 030 automatic watch. According to Sotheby's, this watch model can sell for over a quarter-million dollars.

Scott Disick's insane car collection

Scott Disick can't seem to own enough luxury vehicles. "If it's a nice day and the sun is out, I will take my Rolls Royce Drophead Convertible," he told Haute Living. "If I'm in a sportier mood, I will take my 458 Ferrari. But if I'm just looking to lay back and enjoy my day, I will take my Bentley Mulsanne," he added. For a glimpse into his luxury lifestyle, Disick posted a photo of his driveway on Instagram, with different cars visible in front of his garage. In a video for Architectural Digest, Disick showed viewers a closer look at the collection in his "motor court." He explained that his numerous rides were "very close to my heart because I've always loved cars." First, he showed off his 812 Ferrari, then a "classic "Shelby Cobra convertible, and a black-and-white Rolls-Royce Dawn convertible. He also owned a Range Rover, which he called "the best car ever" and his choice if he could only own one car. Disick concluded the tour with his Bentley SUV but admitted, "if you had to take everything away from me, even my house, just leave me with a Range Rover. And I'll find a way."

Disick's collection continued to evolve, like when he added a Lamborghini Urus in 2021. He posted a photo of the luxury SUV on his Instagram and called it "my new baby." According to Car and Driver, the high-end vehicle starts at $220,000.

Scott Disick secured the bag

Among the most sought-after items that Scott Disick owns are leather bags. He shared a photo through Instagram of a brown, top-handle bag with the caption, "New travel Birkin alert." The leather gem is an Hermès Birkin, "one of the most coveted objects of recent decades," per the French luxury brand's website. The handbags, named after singer Jane Birkin, often sell for tens of thousands of dollars and sometimes even higher for rare iterations of the Birkin. For example, Cardi B owned at least 26 Birkin bags, with one costing an estimated $240,000.

Staying in the Hermès family, Disick also owns a "Haut à courroies" travel bag. In another Instagram post, the reality star showed two of the travel bags and captioned them "His and her Ferrari's." Despite the caption, these were the first bags designed by Hermès, before the invention of the automobile. The large handbag was "designed by Hermès to protect and transport saddles and riding boots." Used versions of the bag, as seen on Farfetch, can sell for almost $30,000.

Scott Disick is a gift-giving expert

Though Scott Disick is extravagant with many purchases for himself, he is also great at giving gifts. Whether friends, family, or his girlfriend, Disick has shared his wealth with others. For example, he bought a diamond necklace for his girlfriend Amelia Hamlin's 20th birthday. While at dinner together in Miami, Florida, Disick gifted Hamlin "a luxurious cross necklace that was embellished with diamonds," E! reported. The thoughtful gesture led to tears from Hamlin, according to eyewitnesses. And Disick didn't stop with the necklace. He also "purchased a Helmut Newton print worth $57,500 using cryptocurrency" for Hamlin, according to Page Six. The print, called "Saddle II," is a photo by Newton "shot for Vogue Hommes in Paris in 1976."

To celebrate his own birthday, Disick decided to have his guests leave with more than just memories. At his "aviation-themed party" in 2021, Disick gave every attendee, including the three Kardashian sisters and singer Sia, "a Rolex watch or diamond jewelry," via E!. The jewelry supplier for the gift bags revealed that guests at Disick's party received "over a half a million dollars in jewels between our chains, watches and bracelets."

How much is Scott Disick worth?

Just for having a famous face, Scott Disick earned unbelievably big paychecks. According to GQ, the reality TV star used to earn "$70,000 or $80,000 a night in the U.S." to simply appear at a club. And "at one high point, he scored a $250,000 deal for a series of appearances in the U.K." For one contract Disick signed, "all he [had] to do to earn his check is walk through the door at 1OAK in Las Vegas and not leave for one hour." He signed on with the Las Vegas nightclub and just needed to make a total of eight appearances in 2016.

In a video for GQ, Disick revealed that he has multiple sources of revenue from different industries. "Within real estate and clothing and things of that nature, I was able to generate more and more income off of those things" to become a successful entrepreneur, he said. In 2020, Disick completed a successful real estate deal with the sale of his mansion in Hidden Hills, California. He sold the property for $5.6 million, which was $2.7 million over the purchase price two years earlier, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Including all his business ventures and a reported salary of $4 million per year, Celebrity Net Worth estimated Disick was worth $45 million in 2021.