Celebs Who Can't Stand Selena Gomez

It's hard to believe that anyone doesn't have a soft spot for Selena Gomez, but it turns out, there are a few celebs that haven't exactly had the nicest things to say about the former Disney Channel star turned all-round triple threat. The star has made no secret of the fact that she tries to stay away from all the negativity and scrutiny that can bombard someone in the spotlight, even making the decision to step away from social media at one point in order to help her mental health.

Gomez explained to Elle in August 2021 that she gave up social media, instead of handing over her passwords to her assistant back in 2017. "I don't have it on my phone, so there's no temptation. I suddenly had to learn how to be with myself. That was annoying," she admitted. The "Love You Like A Love Song" hitmaker also revealed that staying away from Instagram helped her feel more emotionally stable after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2018. "For a while, I felt like an object. It felt gross for a long time," she shared.

But while we love how open and honest Gomez has been in opening up about her struggles, there have been some stars who haven't exactly learned that if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

Stefano Gabbana called Selena Gomez 'ugly'

Stefano Gabbana didn't have the nicest things to say about Selena Gomez on social media back in June 2018 when he came for the former "The Wizards of Waverly Place" star's looks. This all went down in the comments section of an Instagram post by the fashion account The Catwalk Italia, who shared five photos of Gomez in red dresses and asked followers to state which one they liked best in the comments section. One of the snaps showed the star in a stunning floor-length red gown by Dolce & Gabbana, with the Italian account tagging the brand on the snap.

Well, for some reason, the co-founder of Dolce & Gabbana wasn't a fan of any look — nor was he a supporter of Gomez's. Gabbana commented on the post by writing in Italian (via Metro), "È proprio brutta!!!" which translates to, "She's so ugly!!!" Ouch. Gomez's fans very much had her back and slammed the designer in a slew of follow-up comments. One person hit back at the famed fashion designer, "I don't think you realize what you just did. Good luck sir, Selena's fans don't play games." Gabbana didn't seem too worried about the wrath of the "Spring Breakers" star's supporters, known as Selenators, though. He simply wrote in response, "Hahahahaha."

But Gomez appeared to get the last laugh. She was spotted at New York Fashion Week in September 2018 with the word "ugly" written in rhinestones on her hair.

The Weeknd seemingly had some not-so-nice things to say about Selena Gomez in his music

Bitter ex? The Weeknd didn't seem to have the nicest things to say about Selena Gomez after the two broke up in October 2017 after 10 months of dating. Gomez notably raised a few eyebrows at the time over her quick reconciliation with her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber, as the two were spotted kissing just one month later (per Daily Mail).

One song by The Weeknd that seemed to tell the story of their relationship was "Call Out My Name," in which he seemingly threw shade at how quickly his ex moved on. "Guess I was just another pit stop/'Til you made up your mind/You just wasted my time," he sings (via Elle). He also appeared to take aim at Gomez on several other songs on his "My Dear Melancholy" EP, widely speculated to be about their breakup. On "Try Me," he sings, "Don't you mess with me/The way I kissed your scars/The way I fixed your heart/Don't you mess with me, babe," while the track "Privilege" has lyrics such as, "Enjoy your privileged life/'Cause I'm not gonna hold you through the night/We said our last goodbyes" (via Elle).

The Weeknd never explicitly confirmed the EP was about Gomez but told Esquire it was "short" because he "just had nothing else to say on this ... It was just like this cathartic piece of art ... that's all I had to say on this situation."

Lorde isn't a fan of Selena Gomez's hit Come & Get It

3Lorde is another star who's spoken out about Selena Gomez, this time because of her music. The musician made no secret of the fact she's no fan of Gomez's 2013 single, "Come & Get It" while speaking to Rolling Stone that same year (via HuffPost). "I love pop music on a sonic level, but I'm a feminist and the theme of [Gomez's] song ['Come & Get It'] is, 'When you're ready come and get it from me.' I'm sick of women being portrayed this way."

She was then asked about her comments by MTV News and refused to back down. "I have pretty strong morals and opinions being in pop music, and I can't help but express those, which I think people appreciate. I mean, I don't think I say anything that isn't backed up. Most of the time I will stand by things that I've said," she said.

As for what Gomez had to say about the matter? She hit back in an October 2013 interview with Flaunt where she scolded Lorde for claiming she was a feminist while tearing another woman down. She hit back, "That's not feminism. [Lorde is] not supporting other women. That's my honest opinion, that's what I would say to her if I saw her. I actually covered her song in all of my shows that I've done so far. I'm not sure if I'm going to continue that."

Chris Rock dissed Selena Gomez in a major way

In a display of shade that seemingly had no reason behind it at all, Chris Rock very publicly dissed Selena Gomez by posting a less-than-kind meme to his Twitter account back in June 2016. The comedian shared a snap of Gomez smiling and rocking a gold bodysuit while performing on stage alongside the caption, "when you buy your formation tickets on craigslist." Yikes. The diss suggested Gomez was a poor man's Beyoncé, likening her "Revival Tour" to Beyoncé's "Formation Tour." He wrote alongside the meme, "This is true."

Understandably, the tweet — which remains on Rock's account as of August 2021 — didn't go down too well with Gomez's fans. Per Independent, Gomez's supporters once again had her back en masse and bombarded the controversial comedian with criticism. "When nobody will buy your stand up comedy tickets so you come on Twitter to slander someone more successful than you," one person clapped back. Another Twitter user wrote, "This is so disgusting. I used to like you. Oh, I was really stupid. Have a great life."

The shade was made all the more confusing by the fact Gomez and Rock seemed to get on pretty well a few years earlier. The two were photographed chatting on the red carpet at the 2010 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, where Gomez even sweetly embraced the comedian's daughters, Lola and Zahra, giving them a big hug.