The Untold Truth Of Family Karma's Anisha Ramakrishna

Although "Family Karma" first aired on Bravo in 2020, it already seems to be a favorite of reality TV fans. For those unfamiliar with the series, the show "follows the intriguing lives of seven young Indian-American friends living in Miami," according to its description on IMDb. And like most of Bravo's hit shows, fans have already connected with members of the cast. One of those fan favorites is Anisha Ramakrishna, who has let viewers in on all the huge changes her life has brought over the past few years.

According to her Bravo bio, Anisha joined the show when it debuted in 2020 after she left her high profile fashion job and serious boyfriend in New York City to move back in with her parents in Florida. She did this for good reason, though, to follow her dreams of launching her own line of clothing (more on that later). Yet, of course, with moving home came a lot of drama not only with her family but even some of her friends who live in the area. 

Anisha is also, as of this writing, looking for love again after a long-term relationship and dealing with how she wants to start her own family, all while living with her traditional Indian parents, who don't always agree with how Anisha lives her life. While fans have learned a lot about Anisha from "Family Karma," there's still a lot about this "Bravolebrity" you may not know.

Dating hasn't been easy for Anisha

For Anisha Ramakrishna, "Family Karma" has documented a whole new chapter in her life as a freshly single woman. Anisha has been very real about how hard it's been for her to be back on the market after ending a 12-year relationship. The reality star even joked to producers on her Instagram that her dating range was "31 to coffin."

Anisha admitted that living with her family makes dating all the more difficult. She told Hollywood Life, "Because I come from such a conservative family and our culture is pretty conservative to begin with... just going on a date on the show was a huge deal." She continued to explain why saying, "I never told my dad that I went on the date until it aired because I don't know what he would say because that stuff is very private in our culture and in our family."

Yet despite how hard it's been for Anisha to find love, she doesn't seem to be letting it get her down. She dished to ET, "Can we normalize celibacy and working on yourself and self-care and self-love? I had to do it. I honestly didn't want to be with anybody." Anisha went on to point out that she has "nothing to be ashamed about" and it's all "part of [her] journey." With Anisha's great attitude and sense of humor, it seems that anyone would be lucky to date her!

She opened up about freezing her eggs

Anisha Ramakrishna didn't hold back when it came to sharing the process of freezing her eggs on "Family Karma," which is something she decided to do when she turned 36. Anisha explained to Showbiz Cheat Sheet what led her to the decision, saying, "I was peer pressured, thankfully pressured, into freezing my eggs. From aunties who had done it and got married later in life, to my friends. Then when I finally went to that first doctor's appointment, everything became real very quickly."

Anisha revealed to Page Six that at first, her mother didn't understand why she wanted to go through with it. She explained, "They're a different generation. They didn't freeze their eggs. If you didn't have kids in her day, then you just didn't have them. They didn't have these options."

Her mother also didn't think she should share something like that on TV because it's "very personal." Yet Anisha disagreed and felt it was important for her to touch on a topic that others find taboo. She told Hollywood Life, "I wanted to share my journey not only as an Indian woman, but as a woman in general, I have so many friends that do it and don't talk about it because it's so taboo and something to be ashamed of." Fans can always leave it to Anisha to always keep it real with them. She dished, "I'm all about being a power female and giving zero Fs and here you see me being really vulnerable."

Anisha has emphasized the importance of representation in Family Karma

When it comes to the reality TV show, "Family Karma," Anisha Ramakrishna seems happy to finally have some representation of her Indian American culture on TV. She revealed to Hollywood Life, "We're the first all Indian American cast in television history and thanks to Bravo for giving us that shot and letting us share our unique stories and [our] journeys." While certain things may be more difficult to share because of her traditional upbringing, Anisha explained, "That's the part and the price you pay when you're doing something different and you're a trailblazer."

Anisha appeared to be extra proud that the show touched on what it's like for those in the LGBTQIA community to come out in a more conservative setting. She told ET that her co-stars "Amrit, and Dillon, they're doing big things for the LGBTQIA community ... You've never seen South Asians do what they're doing on our show on TV... So I think that's pretty iconic." She added that their show is particularly important because "Representation matters. We freeze our eggs, too. We're gay, too. We have annoying parents. We have the same issues as everybody else. Maybe just adding a few, like, chilies and some coconuts, but we're all the same."

The fashion designer also revealed that she believes that Bravo's viewers were more than ready for a show like theirs. She told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, "People are interested in learning more about different cultures and ethnic groups. Americans want diversity."

She doesn't regret doing Family Karma despite some criticism

While Anisha Ramakrishna appears to be proud of what's been shown on "Family Karma," she did have some reservations about doing the show. She explained how it all went down on her podcast "Currently Cringing," revealing that following her big break up, "Within a month of moving back home, we got signed for 'Family Karma.'" Yet not everyone in her circle saw that as a good thing. She continued, "Word spreads like wildfire in the Indian community ... not only am I the girl that's 33, who was in a 12-year relationship, I become the girl that's going to be on this trashy TV show." She added, "The Indian community is very high brow and, you know, being on TV isn't exactly #goals where we come from."

Anisha shared that even her parents weren't thrilled with her decision to do the show. "They just want to move to another planet," she joked. She added, "​​I don't think most parents dream of their children being on reality TV shows, but like all good Indian parents, they live for their children."

In the end, Anisha doesn't regret her decision. She told The Dipp, that not only is being a Bravolebrity "just surreal," she suggested that it's more important for her to have a chance to be "representing a minority." She gushed, "I'm just so lucky that I get to be Indian and I get to be myself on Bravo."

She entertains fans through her social media and her podcast

Bravo star Anisha Ramakrishna doesn't just connect with her fans through her show "Family Karma," she also has a strong social media presence thanks to her Instagram account. The reality star frequently takes to IG to show her followers her stylish outfits, what it's like living with her family, and even gives a behind-the-scenes look at "Family Karma."

Anisha also reminds fans just how hilarious she is through her TikTok videos. Her uploads usually include bits about dating, teasing her parents, or just poking fun at herself. In an August 2021 video, she joked about the fact that it's hard for her to explain to others what she does for a living, and in another about her tendency to cancel plans – both things that a lot of millennials can relate to.

And, like a lot of reality stars, Anisha has decided to use her TV fame to start a podcast, where she basically shares what's going on in her life in her own clever and unfiltered voice. According to its Apple description, in her podcast "Currently Cringing," "Anish unapologetically spills the chai on her own cringeworthy personal life experiences, dating, sex, pop culture, living with her parents in her mid-thirties, and owning a small business." For those who can't get enough of Anisha's storylines on "Family Karma," "Currently Cringing" is just another way for her to continue her story and let fans in on what may have been left out in the show.

She left behind her life in New York City to move in with her parents

Before moving back home to live with her family and star in "Family Karma," Anisha Ramakrishna was living a completely different life in New York City. The reality star told Showbiz Cheat Sheet, "Life changed drastically when I moved back to South Florida. I went from having an amazing career, a steady relationship, a large group of friends and my own apartment in the city to being back in my childhood bedroom."

For those wondering why Anisha would make that decision, it's because she felt it was the best thing to do to focus on her goal of launching her own clothing line. She explained, "I knew I had to focus on the big picture and make the necessary changes in order to fulfill my dream of starting my business." While the change couldn't have been easy on Anisha, she did point out, "I'm fortunate to get to spend these precious years with my family."

It also seemed to be a good business move since Anisha did end up starting her clothing line and landing the gig starring in "Family Karma," which of course brought attention to her business as well as her podcast. And it's clear Anisha will always have New York even if she's not living there. In March 2021, she posted photos of herself having fun around the city, and in July 2021 she told Hollywood Life that she was "having a hot girl summer in New York."

Anisha still has beef with Monica Vaswani

Fans of "Family Karma" know that co-stars Anisha Ramakrishna and Monica Vaswani don't necessarily get along but may not completely understand why. An example of their feud was when Monica decided to not invite Anisha to her Navratri event. Anisha clearly wasn't pleased with the snub and shared a clip of her reaction on her Instagram, where she pointed out how it was her grandpa's birthday anyway. She wrote in the caption, "Grandpa > #ratchet raas tonight!" with the clown emoji.

Of course, Monica didn't take to her event being called "ratchet," and responded in her own now-deleted Instagram post. Monica wrote (via Showbiz Cheat Sheet), "I've just about had it with these girls and I've kept my mouth shut for months with half the garbage that comes out. But what I will not tolerate is a religious event being ridiculed and referred to as ratchet."

Both women also talked about their drama while on "Watch What Happens Live" in July 2021. While Anisha thought her and Monica's beef was over past comments she made, Monica revealed (via Daily Dish) that for her it actually "stems from the relationship that I had with [Anisha's] mom." She continued, adding that Anisha "was really trying to fight against the grain as an Indian girl, and I was the complete opposite of that." Anisha rejected that theory and blamed Monica for bringing up those feelings even though their relationship was doing better. Sadly, that doesn't appear to be the case anymore.

She's got an impressive net worth

Fans of Bravo's "Family Karma" know that the families featured on the show are quite wealthy, and Anisha Ramakrishna is no exception. Not only do Anisha's parents seemingly have money, but before Anisha found reality TV fame, she was "climbing the ranks of the New York City fashion industry and reaching the peak of her career," according to her Bravo bio. While she left that behind, Anisha now makes an income from appearing on a Bravo TV show, her own clothing line, and presumably even her podcast, "Currently Cringing."

With all that said, Article Bio reports that Anisha currently has a net worth of $100,000. It may have helped that she saved a lot of money on housing by leaving New York City to live with her parents in Florida. She revealed in the confessional on "Family Karma" (via Showbiz Cheat Sheet) that she rather spend that money on creating her clothing business. She explained, "I loved living in New York. But I'm following my dream right now of starting my own clothing line. It's a lot of money so I've moved home."

Anisha also dished that when it comes to spending money, freezing her eggs was something that was worth the high price. She told Page Six, "People talk about the financial burden of it. And I said, if I can go on a vacation, if I can get Botox, if I can go buy a handbag, then there are payment plans. You can freeze your eggs!"

Anisha had a hard time during Season 1

Anisha Ramakrishna admitted that during Season 1 of "Family Karma," she was going through a particularly difficult time in her life. She dished to ET, "I had just ended my 12-year relationship. I didn't know what was happening to me. Really, I was lost." She added how that even had an effect on her appearance. "People don't realize I gained 30 pounds and I chopped all my hair off," she said.

However, with the passage of time, Anisha was feeling more like herself for Season 2. "I got to a good place in my life and just started taking care of myself, and went back to who I was, who I've always been. And so what you're seeing in Season 1 is just rock bottom ... at that point in my life, I was in a bad place." She does admit that going through all that on camera was actually helpful. She told The Dipp, "If the show wasn't there, I'd just tell my mom, like, I'm not talking about this. And I'd go to my room and shut the door, but you can't shut the door on a camera crew of 20."

These days it appears Anisha isn't stressing being single. She told Hollywood Life in July 2021, "I'm someone that wants to be in a committed, monogamous relationship but in the meantime, this is part of the process ... I've learned that if you're not talking to a few people at a time, you're not doing it right, apparently."

Anisha launched a size-inclusive clothing line

It's hard to talk about Anisha Ramakrishna and not mention fashion since it seems to be a huge part of her life. Not only did the "Family Karma" star work in the fashion industry while living in New York City, but she also accomplished her main goal of creating her own clothing line.

In 2017, Anisha decided to launch her brand "Currently," which according to its Instagram bio features, "Eco-Conscious Size Inclusive Dresses." Anisha wrote about what inspired her to create Currently on its website, where she explained that while working in the fashion business she "became increasingly disturbed by the trends in my industry, as we produced stunning designs for an unrealistic body image." She added that it's why her line is "committed to designing dresses that represent the diversity of human body shapes."

Outside of promoting her clothing line, Anisha has also opened up about her personal style. She told Page Six, "People think I'm a designer, but designers are actually very low-key. I have a different aesthetic for what I design and what I like to wear." She added that while she borrowed a lot of her mother's clothes to wear during Season 1, she dished that she's always had a more laidback style saying, "I was wearing loungewear for the past 10 years." With a cool style, a great sense of humor, and a supportive family, it seems that Anisha will continue to be a success in whatever she decides to take on.