Britney Spears' Recent Claims Against Her Father Supports What We Suspected All Along

Britney Spears has been trying to have her father removed as her conservator for more than a year. In 2021, the pop star made two virtual court appearances — one on June 23 and another on July 14 — in which she told Los Angeles Supreme Court Judge Brenda Penny that she does not want her father to be in charge of her life in any way. In fact, she told the judge that her dad has been abusing his power as conservator, according to CNN.

Following her July 14 hearing, Spears' new lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, filed paperwork to request that Jamie Spears be removed as his client's conservator "immediately," according to TMZ. At the time, Rosengart teamed up with Britney's temporary conservator Jodi Montgomery in an effort to prove that the "Womanizer" singer's wellbeing was negatively effected by his presence in her life. "Mr. Spears's removal as Conservator is critical to [Britney's] emotional health and well-being and in the best interests of the conservatee," a quote from Montgomery read.

Despite the compelling information put forth, the judge denied the request to remove Jamie — and she refused to move the hearing up from September to August, according to Forbes. About a week or so later, Variety reported that Jamie agreed to step down as his daughter's conservator — though he wouldn't do so straight away. And while Jamie seems to be running the financial show behind-the-scenes to this day, a new accusation could have him in more hot water. Keep reading for more.

Britney Spears' dad has been accused of extortion

In new court documents filed on August 30, Britney Spears claims that her father requested $2 million to step down as her conservator in an apparent extortion attempt, according to Page Six. "Britney Spears will not be bullied or extorted by her father, nor does Mr. Spears have the right to try to hold his daughter hostage by setting the terms of his removal," attorney Mathew Rosengart said in a statement.

"The world heard Ms. Spears's courageous and compelling testimony. Britney Spears's life matters. Her well-being matters. Every day matters. There is no basis to wait," a document requesting the court take action to relinquish any and all control that Jamie has over his daughter's finances read, according to Page Six. "Even putting aside the legal issues requiring his prompt removal, if he loves his daughter, Mr. Spears should resign now, today, before he is suspended. It would be the correct and decent thing to do," Rosengart's statement concluded.

Spears' conservatorship hearing is scheduled to resume on September 29, though many hope that the judge makes a move before then.