This Is What Cody Rigsby Was Doing Before Peloton

Cody Rigsby shot to fame as a Peloton instructor and one of the company's main influencers. For anyone unfamiliar with Peloton, the company started out selling a stationary bike to be used at home, per Pocket-lint. The perk of the Peloton bike is the large screen on the front that allows users to participate in classes that are streamed through a member subscription. Coupled with the built-in speakers on the bike, exercise fanatics love the engaging experience of working out on a Peloton bike. The company now sells other exercise equipment that can be used in conjunction with the membership. 

Rigsby is just one of the instructors that users can follow via the Peloton membership. He is known for his witty and sassy comments as he narrates his classes in addition to his over-the-top, fun routines paired with catchy tunes, per GQ. Rigsby described how he discovered the way to engage his classes and attain the fandom he has today. "I like to observe the world and how absurd it is ... and make fun of it," he said. "And make fun of myself, because I think that is really my purpose — to break down those barriers of fitness that make it scary and shameful." His fitness philosophy can be summed up as: "Let's be authentic. Let's be stupid. Let's be silly."

The fitness instructor did not always have his heart set on coaching Peloton workout classes, though. Keep scrolling to find out what Cody Rigsby was doing before he became a Peloton instructor!

Cody Rigsby's previous career probably won't surprise you

If you're familiar with Cody Rigsby's Peloton teaching style, which includes plenty of fun, attitude, and quirk, you probably won't be surprised to learn that prior to becoming a fitness instructor, the North Carolina native was a professional dancer, per People. In fact, Rigsby now makes it a point to incorporate his dance background into his fitness routines, filling his classes with music and blood-pumping beats. The social media influencer spoke with the publication about his former career. "I moved here as a professional dancer and I was also side-gigging in the fashion industry, working for startups," he said. "So that's kind of my genesis into New York City." The dancer performed with numerous famous faces, including Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj, and remembers that chapter of his life with fondness, stating that he had so much fun as a professional dancer.

Rigsby's foray into the world of Peloton came after many years of dancing, as he felt he had hit a roadblock. "I had so much passion, but I did get to a point where I kind of hit a roadblock where I wasn't finding as much joy and I wasn't connected to purpose," he revealed. The perfect opportunity to move into something new came up shortly after Peloton was founded. The former dancer had connections within the company, and was able to score an interview. The rest is history. 

Cody Rigsby's passion for music has roots in his troubled childhood

Cody Rigsby wasn't always the successful person he has come to be, but his success can be attributed to a challenging upbringing, which he discussed in an interview with Vogue in November 2020. The fitness instructor grew up in poverty in Greensboro, North Carolina, and was raised by his mother, Cindy. "We experienced homelessness for about three years," he revealed to the publication. Rigsby discovered a way to escape the adversity around him: Music. Although there wasn't much money to spend, Cindy was able to surprise her son with the occasional CD from Best Buy, introducing him to the likes of Britney Spears, the Spice Girls, and Destiny's Child. Listening to music brought young Rigsby so much joy in the midst of the uncertainty and fear that defined his young life. 

When Rigsby wasn't listening to his CDs, he was watching MTV music videos and learning how to dance. Since he couldn't afford formal dance classes, he didn't pursue any professional training until college. "The first dance classes that I took ... I was six-foot-two in a ballet class with 12-year-old girls," the former dancer told Vogue. Rigsby's determination, coupled with his passion for all things musical, allowed him to go after his dreams and find his purpose. His philosophy on life seems to have served him well: " Once you take a moment, you remind yourself that you're rooted ... and that you can make it through literally anything."