The Moment Kylie Jenner Wishes KUWTK Cameras Didn't Capture

Kylie Jenner essentially grew up on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," but there's one moment that she wishes cameras did not capture. When Vogue magazine asked her about it for their "73 Questions" series, she replied, "Probably my stripper pole episode," referring to a moment in the very first episode.

She divulged a few gems from her reality TV past and admitted that she rewatches "KUWTK" episodes. As for the wildest rumor she's ever heard about her family? "That we are all actually bald," she answered. She also described her famous sisters in one word, which came easily. "Kim is loyal ... Khloé is gracious," she said. She noted Kourtney is "very loving" and Kendall is "confident." Kylie referred to Kris as "strong" and we would agree. Kris also taught Kylie to "never take no for an answer" — that's quality momager advice.

Kylie couldn't give a straight answer when she was asked which sister she currently talked to the most. "We are on a family group chat all day so we talk the same amount," she explained. "Rob always makes me laugh the hardest." Kylie also opened up about her second pregnancy — keep reading for more details.

Kylie Jenner doesn't have a baby name picked out yet

Kylie Jenner kept her first pregnancy with daughter Stormi a secret, but she's doing things differently this time around. She was an open book when Vogue magazine stopped by for their "73 Questions" series and was happy to chat about her second pregnancy.

She remained coy, however, when asked if she had a baby name picked out. "Well, we need to find out the gender first. And we decided to wait," she said. Her pregnancy cravings were surprisingly relatable: "Frozen yogurt and In-N-Out. Always." When it comes to breakfast, don't expect Kylie to drink a superfood smoothie or eat avocado toast. Her favorite breakfast is "something sweet like a cinnamon roll or coffee cake." Meanwhile, "Stormi loves her breakfast potatoes."

Kylie couldn't help but smile when she was asked about how Stormi felt about becoming a big sister. "She is very excited to be a big sister," she gushed. We hope Kylie continues to share more updates on this pregnancy.