Who Are Lisa Rinna's Model Daughters?

Since they first showed up on RHOBH, grumpy about missing Coachella, cast member Lisa Rinna's daughters, Delilah Belle, 18, and Amelia Gray, 15, have been a sarcastic, eye-rolling good time, providing a welcomed antidote to the show's gossip and unrelenting drama. (Rinna: When did you get your cartilage pierced? Amelia: Literally? Two years ago.)

Now, the Hamlin sisters are coming into their own, starting modeling careers, Delilah with IMG Models, and Amelia with Lions Model Management. While it's easy to assume that Rinna being in the spotlight has something to do with her daughters' successes, she denies it. "I didn't do anything to help them do anything, to be honest," Rinna told E! "They've done everything on their own. They work very hard."

So, besides being beautiful, "starstriking," and scaring their mom with their use of social media, who are Delilah and Amelia? Here's a peak into the fabulous lives of the Hamlin sisters.

Delilah's (kind of) an "accidental" model

Delilah wasn't allowed to start modeling until she was 17, and even then, she told W Magazine, she didn't make the first move. "Instagram kind of just made it happen. I was posting pictures of myself, and an agency was like, 'We want to represent you.' And that's kind of how it happened." The agency was Elite Model Management, who signed her in August 2016, after emailing Rinna and then flying out to Californiato meet Delilah.

While her start might have been a fluke, Delilah's upward trajectory certainly isn't. She signed with IMG Models (on purpose) in April 2017. "I feel confident in how things are going to turn out," she told Women's Wear Daily.

They're serious about Coachella

In their first appearance on RHOBH (Rinna joined the cast in season 5), the Hamlin sisters, clad in their school uniforms, climbed into Rinna's car looking disgruntled. Amelia told her mom that she and Delilah were both feeling super jealous of their friends who had recently gone to Coachella.

Rinna: "What are you jealous about?" Amelia: "Everything."

It seems like the Hamlin sisters have more than made up for lost time in Palm Springs, hitting Coachella numerous times in the last two years, and always in serious style. Recently, Delilah posted photos on Instagram from the "fairy-princess-trap-glam-tent" at the festival (it turns out that if you're a model, someone will make sure you don't have to sleep on the ground). Rinna posted a picture of Delilah manifesting Coachella energy, and Amelia also got super dolled up to enjoy the shows. Looks like instead of being jealous of their friends, the tables have most definitely turned.

They're (almost) regular teenagers

In spite of being the next big things, Delilah and Amelia still manage to do some normal teen stuff. Amelia's Instagram is full of shots of her hanging out with her friends, eating, being cranky at school, constant selfies, showing off an excellent sweatshirt, and wearing pimple cream. (It's all pretty average, excluding those modeling pictures and the ones of her at the Balmain show and backstage at Dolce & Gabanna.)

Amid all those photoshoots and parties, Delilah's also worked in a deli and a clothing store, been elected student body president, gone to both junior and senior proms, and somehow had time to date the same guy for two years.

If you subtract the famous parents, the cameras, the crazy expensive clothes, the hanging out with celebrities, and the free stuff, it's basically every adolescent's life.

Delilah still has college plans

While Delilah is definitely already killing it as a model, and likely has a long career ahead of her, thus far, it doesn't seem to have deterred her from her plan to attend college. She spent the summer before her senior year of high school living in New York, when she did a spread for Teen Vogue, confessing her anxiety about the future in an interview. "College apps are so stressful. I have no idea how I'm going to balance modeling and school, but my agency knows I'm still a student, and they really care about that. I don't want to have expectations about my dream school, but L.A. or New York would be good, because I like cities."

It seems like the college application process has gone pretty well for Hamlin. In December 2016, Rinna announced on Instagram that her oldest daughter had gotten into two of her top choice schools (she applied to nine). "I might go to school in New York," Hamlin told Fashionista in March. "I'm thinking about that, but definitely still model and still go to school. I want to study psychology... or business or fashion." As of April 2017, she'll "start college like everyone else is in September, and I'll see what happens."

Hamlin's friend, mentor and fellow RHOBH daughter, Gigi Hadid, also headed to New York for college in 2015, to study criminal psychology at The New School, before she had to put academics on hold to follow modeling.

When it comes to the Hadids, they're drama-free

While the drama between Rinna and her former RHOBH castmate Yolanda Hadid was a staple on the show, it hasn't affected the relationship between their daughters. Rinna told Bravo's Andy Cohen that there was absolutely "zero" drama between the two at the Tommy Hilfiger show in New York in September 2016, where Delilah hit the runway for the first time at Fashion Week.

Not only is there no animosity between the daughters, Hadid was one of the first people Hamlin asked for modeling advice. "I asked her how to walk," said Hamlin. "Honestly, I don't fully remember what she said. It was something like, 'Just walk like you're going to get something to eat, but you're not really hungry, you're just kind of hungry.'" Regardless, both Amelia and Delilah seem gobsmacked at the amount of theatrics involving their mom. "My mom has more drama than I do," the sisters agreed in a January 2017 clip from RHOBH.

In February 2017, the Hamlin clan showed up to cheer on the Hadids at the GigixTommy show in Venice Beach, California. Probably a solid career move for Delilah, but maybe also an indication of a thaw between Rinna and Hadid? In Reality TV Land, one can never say for sure.

Their fashion inspiration is their mom, and one another

Who do models go to for fashion inspiration? (Besides their fabulous closets, photoshoots, and dressing rooms?) If you're Lisa Rinna's daughters, the answer is, each other. According to Amelia, though the two have different styles, the sisters share their clothes. "We bounce off of each other for ideas and it works." They also constantly look to mom Lisa Rinna, who's taught them about style since they were very young. Delilah told Teen Vogue, "Before I leave the house, I always ask, 'Is this cute?' And she says, 'You always look cute.' And I'm like, 'Seriously, I need to know! Is this cute?' (It's probably cute, Delilah. Listen to your mom.)

Rinna has also been a source of beauty advice for Delilah, especially in regard to skin care. "My mom always has clear skin, but if she does get a blemish, she will be like, 'Get a cortisone shot!' It's actually a great treatment if you have a pimple." Rinna's responsible for the upkeep of Delilah's fabulous eyebrows, she touches them up between her daughter's visits to Anastasia Beverly Hills.

They're not into acting (yet)

Like her mom, who played Roxie Hart in Chicago on Broadway in 2009, alongside her dad, Harry Hamlin (Billy Flynn), Delilah also sings. "My singing goals are just to spread my music to people and hope they like it! I love music and I honestly don't know what I would do without it (as cheesy as that sounds)," she told Teen Vogue in 2016.

While we might see an album with Delilah's name on it in the future, we probably won't see her on TV or in a film (outside of her appearances on RHOBH), at least not for a while. "I think acting is cool, and it looks super fun, but right now I'm more into singing and modeling." While Amelia has a brief acting resume — she was in four episodes of Rachel & The TreeSchoolers, a children's television series, and appeared in one episode of Harry Loves Lisa, a short-lived reality show about her parents' family and professional lives — it looks like her focus is also on modeling for the time being.

They're travelers

Even before they were fancy models, Lisa Rinna's daughters were jet setters, taking vacations to Paris, meeting up with friends in Guatemela, and going to visit their grandparents in Rinna's home town of Medford, Oregon (a trip that was recorded for a 2014 episode of RHOBH). Of course, now that they are famous, the girls' travel game is even stronger — they've been to New York Fashion Week, Milan for the Dolce & Gabbana show ( which Delilah walked in), Australia for Windsor Smith's 70th birthday party, and Paris for Paris Fashion Week, Both girls are currently home schooled (they used to attend an all-girls private school), which allows ample time and flexibility for travel. In other words, there's no telling where these two will show up next.