Inside George Clooney And Kelly Preston's Short-Lived Romance

Nothing inspires hope in single women more than a famous playboy bachelor finally settling down and getting married. A prime example is silver fox George Clooney. Before he tied the knot with human rights barrister Amal Clooney, he made no secret about his love of playing the field. But while he was once regularly spotted with a new leading lady at his side, not all of his past dalliances were mere flings. In fact, at one point it seemed like another brainy beauty stole his heart: the late actor Kelly Preston.

Preston was already a famous figure when they started dating in the late '80s, having made waves in hit films like "Twins" and "SpaceCamp." Clooney, on the other hand, was starring in the popular sitcom "Roseanne" but was yet to achieve the movie star status he enjoys today, as per the U.K. Mirror. The disparity in fame didn't seem to hinder the romance, however, as they soon embarked on a steamy two-year relationship.

But why didn't things last between this picture-perfect former couple? Read on to find out.

What happened between George Clooney and Kelly Preston?

How do you woo a gorgeous movie star like Kelly Preston? If you're George Clooney, you give her a lift on your Harley Davidson motorbike, of course. According to the U.K. Mirror, the thrilling ride left Preston "hooked" — although we reckon Clooney just being himself would've been enough. 

The two first met at a party hosted by their mutual agent, and, despite Preston still in the process of divorcing "Heat" actor Kevin Gage, sparks flew. The couple soon moved in together, with the "Ocean's Eleven" star even calling his relationship with Preston "the most important thing in my life," via the U.K. Mirror.

Despite their clear affection for each other, things were not meant to be, and the relationship ended in 1989. Soon after their split, Preston was briefly engaged to Charlie Sheen, while Clooney was married to Talia Balsam for three and a half years, per Closer Weekly. (After that, he started working hard on his reputation as a serial ladies' man.) Luckily, both would later find lasting love: Preston with John Travolta for 28 years until her untimely death, and Clooney with Amal Clooney, whom he wedded in 2014.

Kelly Preston left George Clooney with a special gift

Although their romantic relationship didn't last, Kelly Preston could be credited for having an enduring impact on George Clooney's life, albeit in a rather unusual way. 

Back when the couple was still living together, Clooney decided to present the "Jerry Maguire" star with what he undoubtedly thought was a romantic gift: a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig named Max (via the U.K. Mirror). Unfortunately, Preston, who surely would've preferred chocolates or roses, did not immediately hit it off with Max, as the pig was frightened of her. Clooney, of course, had an ingenious solution: "Max wouldn't get near her, so I put food in Kelly's bra. He'll do anything for food."

It's unconfirmed whether this trick worked or not, but suffice to say that Clooney received custody of Max in his split from Preston. However, his deep love for the cute pig soon made headlines around the world, with Clooney at one point calling him "my longest relationship to date" (via The Guardian). While we hope that his wife will soon claim that honor, it's still sweet to think that Preston indirectly helped him find such a loving relationship.