Mike Tindall Reveals The Shocking Thing Prince Harry's Bodyguards Once Did To Him

As Prince Harry's life continues to change, so do his needs. That includes the situation regarding security. Not only has it been necessary to make sure that his wife, Meghan Markle, and children, Archie and Lilibet, are protected, but there's always been a need to make sure that the prince himself is safe. That's why he seemingly always has someone looking out for him, even when he's around other members of the royal family.

Indeed, the security surrounding Harry is no laughing matter. And that's exactly what Mike Tindall — who's married to Harry's cousin and the queen's granddaughter Zara — found out in an, er, rather interesting way. In fact, Mike ended up learning full well what the security guards tasked with protecting an heir to the British throne are capable of doing when they perceive a potential threat.

Keep reading to find out what happened to Mike when he once went up against Harry's security guards!

Prince Harry's security took down Mike Tindall

If you don't know much about Mike Tindall, along with being married to Princess Anne's daughter, Zara, you might be interested to know that he's also a rugby player. That means he's a fairly big guy. And, by all accounts, he has a friendly relationship with Prince Harry. That's perhaps why he felt comfortable enough to play a little joke on the prince and, in turn, test his security.

While attending A Question of Sport Live event in London on September 27, according to the Daily Mail, Mike recalled a time back in 2003 when he met up with Harry in Sydney after England had won the Rugby World Cup. Celebrating with (more than a few?) drinks with Mike's teammate Iain Balshaw, the less-than-sober rugby players decided to have some fun. Jokingly punching Harry, they wanted to find out how fast his security team would react.

Well, it turns out that they reacted quickly and fiercely. Apparently, it didn't really matter that Mike and Harry were friendly because when the rugby players punched the royal, his guards only took a few seconds to pin the two athletes to the ground. That's pretty impressive, especially since they're both rugby players and are used to people trying to take them down!