Who Did Katie Couric Have A Secret Fling With?

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Katie Couric is holding back absolutely nothing in her new book, "Going There." She's revealing almost every juicy detail of the experiences that she's encountered, both in front of the cameras and behind, including with people such as Martha Stewart, Deborah Norville, Matt Lauer, Diane Sawyer and even Prince Harry, who she says smelled like alcohol and cigarettes during their interview in Brazil back in 2012. As far as Lauer's reputation on the set of "The Today Show," Couric says that she heard "rumors" about his controversial behavior. "This MeToo stuff feels like it's getting kind of out of control. It feels like a witch hunt," Lauer reportedly told Couric, according to her book, per the New York Post.

While Couric did admit that it was wrong when she heard that Lauer was supposedly unfaithful to his wife Annette Roque, she said that there was a general rule at work that suggested it was best to mind her own business. Couric described it as "a don't-ask-don't-tell culture where anything goes, and everything did." With that said though, Couric did open up about a surprising fling that she had with a big name in the entertainment business in the very early days of her career and that would have been just as scandalous had it been revealed out in the open. Keep scrolling below to find out the details.

Katie Couric wanted Neil Simon to notice her

In her memoir "Going There," Katie Couric opened up about a fling that she had with playwright Neil Simon in 1985. She was 28 years old at the time and Simon was 30 years her senior. That didn't seem to bother the rising television star at the time, as she wrote that being "in the presence of such an icon was thrilling," and that she was willing to do whatever it took to "get him to notice" her, which included wearing a white dress and putting on her favorite shade of Max Factor lipstick, perĀ Page Six.

"I was completely, utterly, and crazily starstruck," Couric wrote, adding that her plan must have worked because she noticed that Simon was checking her out. Things seemed to heat up between them as by their second date Simon invited Couric up to his hotel room, where they began kissing passionately. Yet, their night ended when her date supposedly told Couric three very important words. And no, it's not the three words she was expecting. Simon ended their make-out session when he suddenly remembered that he had to take his "blood pressure medication" recalls Couric.

Things didn't work out the way Couric hoped, but she did confess that the entire encounter was "strange, being with someone 30 years older... but I was all for new experiences."