Katie Couric Is Saving What She Really Thinks About Jennifer Aniston For Her Book

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For years, Katie Couric's job as a journalist was to investigate and report the truth, yet now she's exposing the truth in a very personal way. In her new bombshell of a memoir, "Going There," the former host of the "Today" show is spilling all the tea about people she has come across during her life, including Martha Stewart, her former co-host Matt Lauer, and even members of the monarchy, including Prince Andrew and Prince Harry

Couric has managed to rattle the television industry so much with "Going There" that her former colleague Ashleigh Banfield felt the need to stand up for herself. Couric shared in her book that Banfield's father was "telling anyone who'd listen that [Banfield] was going to replace" her, which made it hard to want to mentor her. Banfield took to her NewsNation show to deny this story. "That is a far cry from being able to even leave the facility, let alone tell anyone who would listen. So that hurts my feelings deeply, and I hope Miss Couric corrects the record on that." According to Banfield, a reporter got a hold of her father's number and asked how he felt about her job in Afghanistan, to which he replied he'd rather his daughter have a news desk job like Couric.

With that said, it seems like Couric is holding her most explosive critiques of people like Jennifer Aniston, who plays a morning television host on the small screen, for last. Scroll below to find out what she has to say.

Katie Couric's book will reveal how she feels about Jennifer Aniston

Katie Couric has certainly been watching AppleTV's "The Morning Show" just as intently as everyone else. The series stars Jennifer Aniston as a veteran news anchor of a fictional network morning show that seems to find herself in the middle of one controversy after another. During an episode on the "Everything Iconic With Danny Pellegrino" podcast in 2020, Couric hinted that while Aniston is doing a stellar job in her role as the embattled Alex Levy on the series, she'd like to see a little more enthusiasm from the character. 

Starting off by saying that Aniston is "great," Couric explained (via Vulture), "I wish they had made her more charismatic because I think you need a certain ebullience to pull off a show like that. I thought it was really interesting to watch. I mean, I'm writing all about all this stuff in my book, so I'm not gonna say too much, but it was very interesting for me to watch — I'll just leave it at that."

Maybe Couric can perhaps find out what Aniston's character thinks about the critique in her own bombshell memoir, which she happens to be writing during the second season of the show, per NPR. One can't help but wonder if this is art imitating life.