Here's What Queen Elizabeth Said About Prince Philip Publicly Since His Death

Prince Philip died on April 9, 2021 at the age of 99, per the BBC, and earned a spot in British history as "the longest-serving royal consort," as he served alongside Queen Elizabeth II. The couple's long marriage and mutual support made many royal experts speculate about how challenging his loss would be for the queen.

Nicholas Witchell, a royal correspondent for BBC, said that Philip's death was a cause for great sadness "most particularly, for the Queen losing her husband of 73 years — a bigger span of years than most of us can imagine".

In fact, Witchell credited Philip's support as a major factor in Queen Elizabeth's success as sovereign. "It was the importance of the solidity of that relationship, of their marriage, that was so crucial to the success of her reign," he said. In early October, Queen Elizabeth travelled to Scotland to the sixth session of Scottish Parliament and opened up about her husband. Here's what she said.

Queen Elizabeth II said she and Prince Philip have 'many happy memories' in Scotland

Queen Elizabeth II participated in the ceremonial opening of the Scottish Parliament on October 2, which began in Edinburgh where the royal mace, a symbol of royal authority, and the Crown of Scotland, were carried in procession, according to the Associated Press.

In her opening speech, the queen spoke about Prince Philip. In fact, the ceremony was the first time Queen Elizabeth opened the Scottish Parliament without Philip by her side her. "I have spoken before of my deep and abiding affection for this wonderful country and of the many happy memories Prince Philip and I always held of our time here," she said, according to the Daily Mail. The royal family frequently visited Balmoral Castle in Scotland, a favorite residency for the family when on summer vacation.

Queen Elizabeth was joined by her son, Prince Charles, and his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles. While in England, they go by the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, but in Scotland, they go by the Duke and Duchess of Rothesay, per the Daily Mail. So, while the queen didn't have Philip with her, she at least had family by her side.