The Tragic Death Of Letterman Late Show Announcer Alan Kalter

Alan Kalter, the former announcer for "Late Show with David Letterman," died October 3. Kalter's wife Peggy confirmed his death to The Hollywood Reporter. Kalter joined the late-night talk show in 1995, two years after the show moved from NBC to CBS. Kalter remained part of the "Late Show'" team until the final episode in May 2015. Kalter, a redhead, was affectionately called "Big Red" by Letterman's writers. Per THR in a 2015 interview, Kalter said, "I've had such a great 20 years, it's been a blessing every single day." The self-deprecating Kalter announced Letterman and his guests at the top of every show and did a voiceover for the title card during the end credits.

According to THR, the beloved announcer had a regular sketch, "Alan Kalter's Celebrity Interview," an ironic and funny part of Letterman's show. Deadline reported that Kalter's "droll humor" made him a fan favorite, while Variety noted that Kalter also announced "To Tell the Truth," "The Money Maze," and "The $25,000 Pyramid." Kalter's cause of death hasn't been disclosed, but tributes for the beloved announcer have already started pouring in for the 78-year-old.

Alan Kalter's former colleagues thanked him for the laughs

Tributes for Letterman's "Late Show" announcer Alan Kalter are all over social media after Kalter's wife Peggy confirmed his death to The Hollywood Reporter. The tributes on social media reflected the affection so many had for Kalter. Variety shared a statement made by David Letterman himself. "Whatever else, we always had the best announcer in television," Letterman said. "Wonderful voice and eagerness to play a goofy character of himself ... A very sad day, but many great memories."

Former "Late Show" writer Carter Bays tweeted, "Alan Kalter RIP. Between him and Tony Mendez it's a heartbreaking time. To us Late Show writers Alan was so much more than just the "From New York..." guy. He was our muse. We loved writing for him. Such a cheerful presence on the show. And around the office. Rest easy Big Red." Former "Late Show" writer Craig Thomas added, "Oh man, @CarterBays and I loved writing for Alan — some of my fondest memories of Late Show are the absolutely bats**t-bonkers bits we wrote for Alan, who was always game to let us make him look in peace, Alan, and thanks for the laughs..." Another Twitter user posted a link to some of Kalter's "Celebrity Interview" sketches, many of which are just as funny now. We wish his fans, friends, and family nothing but the best during this difficult time.