What Miss J. Alexander From America's Next Top Model Is Doing Today

Miss J. Alexander is a legendary name in the fashion community and has gone on to inspire and help many fashion models with their careers.

As noted in his Teen Vogue interview, Alexander was first introduced to the world of fashion by his mom when growing up in New York. While many know the icon for being a runway diva extraordinaire, he first started out as a model for Jean Paul Gaultier and ended up giving the models runway advice backstage at shows. While making these moves, he ended up meeting an unknown Tyra Banks, who soon became a good friend and a boss of his. "I first met Tyra Banks backstage and I started giving her tips on her walk. After I gave her 'Catwalk Tricks,' she came into the modeling world with a walk and a purpose," he told Teen Vogue.

In the early 2000s, Alexander was asked to be a part of Banks' hit reality show "America's Next Top Model," which is where most fans recognize him from. Initially, Alexander served as a runway coach, and later served as a full-time judge on the panel for many cycles. Since his time on the show, Alexander has gone on to help other supermodels in the making. 

Miss J. Alexander has been coaching fashion students for over 15 years

In a discussion with Teen Vogue, Miss J. Alexander When he was a part of Banks' hugely successful "America's Next Top Model" for many years, Alexander found himself wanting to help others outside of the show but realized he wouldn't be able to. "When my career shifted from being a judge on 'Top Model' for 13 years, I realized I couldn't do both," he revealed. 

Since leaving the "America's Next Top Model," Alexander revealed that he now "bestow[s] my experience and knowledge upon the ever talented group of students at SCAD, and have been coaching models for their renowned runway shows for 16 years," he said.

Alexander is also very active on social media and has a large following of half a million on Instagram. Being the well-traveled man that he is, Alexander shared a snapshot of himself on a bike in Paris in September and stated it was the first time he had visited his apartment in the city in 19 months (most likely due to COVID-19 travel restrictions). On Twitter, Alexander regularly wishes his followers a good morning while sharing video clips of himself strutting his stuff.

Miss J. Alexander attended his first Pride at 58 years old

Despite being an openly gay man for many years, Miss J. Alexander told Nylon in 2016 that he didn't attend his first Pride celebration until he was 58. He explained he was stunned and amazed by people's reaction to his presence and admitted he never saw himself as an LGBTQ icon prior. "All of a sudden all this excitement: 'Ahh, Miss J! We love you Miss J!'" he recalled of the moment his float passed by younger queer fans. "And I see them crying."

As for his start at SCAD, Alexander revealed that he first started coaching students with the suggestion of a fashion magazine icon: Vogue Editor at Large and former "America's Next Top Model" judge, André Leon Talley. Ever since taking his advice in 2013, Alexander has continued to teach them all the tricks they need to know. "Every year, I am blown away by the talent that SCAD's award-winning fashion degree program displays on the runways," he told Teen Vogue, adding, "If you didn't know better, you'd think you were at New York Fashion Week watching designers who have shown for decades. SCAD truly offers an elevated approach to studying fashion design, fibers, accessory design and so much more."

It's clear that Alexander is happy with his life as a fashion mentor and queer role model!