The Truth About Leah Remini's Extremely Awkward Interview With Ellen DeGeneres

Leah Remini is one of the most outspoken celebrities in Hollywood. The "Kings of Queens" actor has spent the past several years speaking out against Scientology, after leaving the controversial church in 2013. Through her advocacy, Remini has been critical about celebrities in Scientology and how they behave in Hollywood circles. She famously said that celebrity Scientologists like John Travolta run away when they see her. While some of the criticism has been presented humorously, Remini also had harsh words to say about former Scientologists unwilling to speak out against the church.

Given Remini's experience doing rounds in the media and interacting with different celebrities in Hollywood, she knows when to tell it like it is, even to her friends. Remini showed her truth-telling skills when she appeared on "The Ellen Show" on October 5, which resulted in a very awkward interview with host Ellen DeGeneres. Find out the truth about what happened with Remini and DeGeneres below.

Leah Remini fake-slapped Ellen on her show for being a bad listener

Real friends have no problem telling each other the truth — and that's exactly what Leah Remini did to Ellen DeGeneres when she appeared on the October 5 episode of her show. In a sneak peek from the show, Remini accused the daytime talk show host of being disinterested in her anecdote.

During her appearance on the show, the "Scientology: Fair Game" podcast host spoke out about her and her husband Angelo Pagan's attempts to scare their 17-year-old daughter, Sofia. Halfway through her lengthy story, Remini stopped and admitted that she thought DeGeneres was going to prank her before accusing her of not paying attention to her story. "No, because you're acting really interested," Remini sarcastically said to DeGeneres while pointing a finger at her. "I don't know if you're doing that thing where you're into my story."

DeGeneres then defended herself, saying, "I'm always interested," to which Remini yelled out, "You're not, Ellen! Stop!" Remini then jokingly got out of her chair and pretended to slap DeGeneres. However, the actor made it clear that it was all fun and games and that she was honored to be on the show's final season, adding, "I love you, I miss you and I'm so happy to be here on your last season." All that said, it was a little bit awkward to watch!