Jorja Fox Reveals The Hardest Part About Returning To CSI

Jorja Fox stopped by "The Talk" on October 5 to dish about the "CSI: Vegas" reboot, and it's clear she was thrilled to return to the show. "Well, it wasn't hard to get us to come back," she said. "I think 2019, JB Jerry Bruckheimer TV reached out to Billy and I, Jonathan Lipman and he said, 'Hey the 20th anniversary is coming up, let's do a little 'CSI'.” It was a no-brainer for Fox as she said, "We'd be absolutely crazy not to. It was really tough to leave paradise."

However, there was one thing that gave Fox pause when deciding to return to the iconic series. "Most TV shows don't even get an ending and certainly not a happy ending and these two characters who had literally been through hell and back — 'CSI's' a dark world sometimes — found their place in the sun," the actor explained. "So that was hard to bring those characters back in, but we were so excited. And when we met the new cast... then it was just like, 'Alright, let's do this.'"

Paula Newsome also had a lot to say about her character Maxine. Keep reading for more details.

Paula Newsome reflects on how 'CSI' has changed over the years

'CSI' has been around for 20 years and the show has made a lot of strides since then, as Paula Newsome explained on the October 5 episode of "The Talk."

She was especially proud of her character Maxine. "Maxine is a badass," she explained. "When they first started in the year 2000, most of the people who were CSI's were men. Ladies, if you wanna be a CSI, put your application in," she added.

Jorja Fox also reflected on how much has changed since the beginning, especially with regards to forensic science itself. "We thought we were doing cutting-edge, really cool science 21 years ago. Now, look out," she said. "I thought that it would be really tough to get away with a major crime, now I think it's absolutely impossible." Fox also seconded Newsome's comments about "CSI's" powerful women. "So the cast, obviously, we've got a lot of ladies on the show. And we should anyway, even if the numbers didn't reflect that," she shared. "But it's really great that now, the reality is happening in forensics, so that's really exciting. It's just reflecting real life, which I think the show in 2021 is trying to do... the science is like another cast member of the show."