The Truth About Woody Harrelson's Altercation With A Fan

Woody Harrelson may be a famous star, but that does not mean the actor hasn't faced a fair share of tragedy over the years. Among these hardships, he's found himself in trouble with the police in the past. But when the authorities had to get involved in a situation that sparked on October 6, it wasn't Harrelson who had been causing issues. Instead, it reportedly was a problematic fan.

The buzz-worthy incident happened in Washington, D.C., where Harrelson has been filming "The White House Plumbers," according to NBC. The HBO limited series focuses on the Watergate scandal that went down back in the '70s and led to former President Richard Nixon's resignation. Harrelson is working alongside Justin Theroux as they portray the two key figures in the infamous political downfall: E. Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy, respectively.

However, when Harrelson had some time off from filming, he found himself involved in his own headline-making incident that involved the police being called and charges being laid.

Woody Harrelson apparently had to act in self-defense

Between filming in Washington, D.C., Woody Harrelson decided to spend some of his downtime with one of his three daughters — Zoe, Makani, and Deni — he shares with his wife, Laura Louie. Unfortunately, while Harrelson and his daughter were hanging out at the Watergate Hotel's Top of the Gate rooftop bar, a fan got a little out of control. Frankly, the person got way out of control.

Per NBC Washington's News 4, a D.C. police spokesman explained that around 11 p.m. on October 6, a man started taking pictures of Harrelson and his daughter. The star then asked the fan — who had been drinking — to delete the images. Instead, the man responded by getting violent and "lunged" at Harrelson who then hit the man in "self-defense." Although The Washington Post reported that there had been no charges filed after authorities showed up to resolve the situation, police told NBC that the fan will, indeed, find himself facing charges related to the incident. At the time of this writing, the charges are still being processed and the identity of the aggressor has not been released. 

While we would never encourage acts of violence, this certainly wouldn't be the first time that a star got into a physical fight with a fan who might have crossed a line.