The Surprising Reasons These Below Deck Alums Miss Yachting - Exclusive

"Below Deck Mediterranean Galley Talk" is Bravo's latest stab at show-adjacent programming. Following the success of the network's dishy "Chat Room," and featuring a casual, cozied-up format similar to TLC's "90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk," "Galley Talk" features former cast members of the "Below Deck" universe teaming up to watch and respond to the all of the current season action. Chef Ben Robinson and chief stew Kate Chastain have reunited for the show, and "Galley Talk" also features cast alums Josiah Carter and Julia d'Albert Pusey, who took a few minutes to speak with Nicki Swift about their time on "GT" and aboard superyachts.

"I think it's a really good way for other people to see what our reactions are to the show," Carter told us of his "Galley Talk" experience. "People watching it know what their reactions are, but they don't know what the reactions of people that have actually been on the show, or have been working on yachts, is." Pusey agreed. "I think it's fab," she added. "And I've been receiving DMs saying, 'I love it. I love watching you and Josiah.'" And while Carter and Pusey have both moved on from yacht life, some of their fondest memories — and what they miss most — might offer a few surprises.

You bedder believe these yachties miss the life

Ask her about her time as a yachtie, and "Below Deck Mediterranean" stew Julia d'Albert Pusey gets thoughtful, and a little wistful. "Do you know what? It's a weird one, when you work in yachting," she told Nicki Swift in a lively interview with her "Galley Talk" co-host Josiah Carter. "Watching 'Below Deck,' me and Josiah are like, 'Aw, no. Kind of making me jealous.' But it's one of them games, where it's good to get into when you're younger, exhaust it and get out. But yeah, very much do miss it. I miss the sunsets, I miss sleeping on a boat, because you get such a good sleep, I can't even explain to you."

Sleeping on the boat? In those bunks? "They are actually surprisingly comfortable," Carter insisted of the cramped crew quarters on superyachts. "They are comfortable, but they do look like a prison bed," Pusey admitted. Still, "I think it's because of the rocking motion. So you don't have trouble sleeping, basically. I miss getting up in the morning, making my little coffee, sitting on the bow. Very much miss all of that."

For Carter, who is still dabbling in yachtie life as a hired gun freelancer, the hard realities of the life intersect with the benefits he misses most. "It's really hard to be full-time, because you'll be away for potentially 10 months of the year," he said. "But the rewards are great. You're away from your family and your friends, but you get to go to these amazing places. So yeah, I'm going to keep going on yachting for a few more years, see how I feel."

New episodes of "Below Deck Mediterranean" air on Mondays at 9pm ET/PT on Bravo, and episodes drop one week early on Mondays on Peacock. New episodes of "Below Deck Med Galley Talk" air on Fridays at 8pm ET/PT on Bravo.