How Kate Chastain Really Feels About Her Former Bravo's Chat Room Co-Stars

Kate Chastain is a familiar face on Bravo, having starred on "Below Deck" as the chief stew from Season 2 up until Season 7. After she announced her departure from the hit series in February 2020, the blonde bombshell didn't disappear from the TV screens. Later in the year in September, she created and hosted the network's TV show "Chat Room."

Kate appeared on the late-night program alongside "The Real Housewives of Potomac" star Gizelle Bryant, "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Porsha Williams, and "Summer House" alum Hannah Berner. Months after the series hit the air, the TV personality opened up to Us Weekly about the dynamic of their comedic show. "It just feels like I'm FaceTiming with three of my girlfriends," Kate gushed in December 2020. However, her departure from the show was revealed just days after Bravo confirmed "Chat Room" was renewed for Season 2 in February 2021, E! News reported. At the time, Kate didn't address the reason for her exit, but she replied to a fan's tweet in March that claimed she left the show because of travel concerns amid the COVID-19 pandemic. "LOLLLL for someone so concerned about my answer, you sure seem to be determined to draw your own conclusions regardless. Move on" (via Reality Blurb). 

While Kate has yet to reveal an explanation for her exit, she has made her feelings about her former co-stars known. To find out where she stands with Gizelle, Porsha, and Hannah, keep scrolling below. 

Kate Chastain implies her 'Chat Room' co-stars stole her jokes

Kate Chastain hasn't said much at all about her exit from Bravo's "Chat Room," but it seems she's finally ready to let her feelings known about her short-lived experience. During an appearance on Lian Castillo's "Everyone Is Terrible" podcast on May 18, the TV personality called out her former co-stars, implying Gizelle Bryant, Porsha Williams, and Hannah Berner would steal her jokes.

"I felt like I didn't stand a chance after a while because if we did a segment about some topics, and then the showrunner would be like, 'Actually, can we do that whole act again?' If I had said something funny or clever, you know, that was about a topic, when we'd reshoot it, one of them would jump in with what I had just said as their own and that would be the cut that was used," Kate explained. "I mean, it was like, what's the point of even being here?" the Florida native continued, noting she was no longer motivated at work. "I think I felt we were all like, 'Oh my gosh we're in it together. Yay! Let's got girls! Team. Let's do it!'" Kate added. "I realized pretty quickly that I was the only one that felt that way."

Kate's claims come days after she threw shade at Hannah, who announced her departure from "Summer House" on May 14. "Tell me you're fired without telling me you're fired #summerhouse," Kate tweeted.