How Meghan Markle Once Again Cemented Her Status As A Fashion Icon

Meghan Markle's fashion sense has been a topic of conversation for years — even before she became the Duchess of Sussex. Fashion has always been important to the former "Suits" actor, who once had a lifestyle blog called The Tig, according to Cosmopolitan. As Meghan has evolved from a Hollywood celebrity to a member of the royal family (and back again), she has embraced the changes that have come along with her given roles, and she has worked to make them her very own. Over the past few years, all eyes have been on Meghan's outfit choices and her accessories, as she has paved the way for a modern duchess living in the real world. And, not unlike her sister-in-law Kate Middleton, Meghan has influenced the masses, selling out various dresses, coats, and shoes whenever people find out what (or who) she's wearing.

Meghan has also taken cues from her husband's late mother, Princess Diana, and has not only chosen to wear pieces that resemble looks that Diana previously stepped out in, but Meghan has even complimented her own looks with some of the Princess of Wales' accessories, such as pieces from her jewelry collection

During her trip to New York City in September, it seems that Meghan has — once again – cemented her status as a fashion icon, and she did so with a little inspiration from Princess Di. Read on to learn more.

Meghan Markle's Dior handbag has sold out

While heading to the Global Citizen Live even in Central Park alongside Prince Harry, Meghan Markle carried a black Dior handbag that held special meaning. According to a tweet put out by Dior's official Twitter account, Meghan carried the Lady D-lite bag, which is known as the "sister bag" to the "iconic" Lady Dior bag that was named after Princess Diana. According to Express, the bag, which retails for a little more than $4,700, sold out within hours. 

This, of course, isn't the first time that the Duchess of Sussex's style has inspired people to go shopping, either. Back in 2018, E! News put together an article that featured all of the pieces that Meghan wore that ended up selling out. "On average, if Meghan wears a designer, that brand will see a 200 percent increase in search demand over the following week," Yasmine Bachir, senior communications executive for Lyst, told Elle UK in 2019. Flash forward two years and it's clear that Meghan is still influencing the fashion world.