How Prince Harry's New Partnership Is Hoping To Make A Big Change In Everyone's Life

Prince Harry has made it no secret that protecting the environment and being aware of one's own carbon footprint has always been very important to him. In fact, during an interview with WaterBear, the Duke of Sussex urged everyone to walk the walk rather than just talk when it comes to environmental issues and the climate crisis. 

He added that fatherhood has given him even more of a reason to be mindful of saving the planet before it's too late. "The moment you become a father everything really does change because then you start to realize, well, what is the point in bringing a new person into this world when they get to your age and it's on fire? I've always believed that hopefully we can leave the world in a better place than when we found it," he said in a video for the conservation streaming platform, per People.

And while Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have often been criticized for taking private jet flights and perhaps not being as mindful of their own carbon footprints, the royal's new eco-tourism project is off to a flying start — and quite literally, too. In fact, Harry's new partnership with Google and his Travalyst initiative, which is aimed to promote more sustainable tourism — might soon make a huge change in everyone's life, especially when it comes to traveling. Here's why.

Prince Harry wants travel to be more sustainable

Prince Harry launched Travalyst back in 2019. It is an initiative that hopes to "transform the future of travel" for people all over the globe and make tourism more sustainable for future generations. According to Newsweek, the non-profit organization is doing just that, as they have just partnered with Google to allow consumers to choose flights that offer the lowest carbon footprints. In other words, it's a step forward in helping travelers make more environmentally-friendly choices, especially when it comes to travel.

And this is exactly what the Duke of Sussex envisioned when he first introduced Travalyst during a trip to Amsterdam in 2019. In his speech, Harry highlighted the importance of tourism and how sustainability can be incorporated into global travel. "As tourism inevitably increases in the years ahead, its dangers will increase accordingly. And this worries me, as I'm sure it does you too. But the silver lining is that this grave threat is also a great hope. We have the opportunity to address this tourism paradox and turn one of the world's biggest problems into one of its greatest solutions," Harry said, per his official royal website.

With that said, there's a good chance that both Harry and Meghan Markle will also be looking into booking flights with the lowest carbon emissions on their next trip to the U.K., too (whenever that will be). Fingers crossed.