Did Jared Kushner Really Tell The White House Staff This About Donald Trump?

Jared Kushner is not someone who often said much during his tenure at the White House, but he was a solid fixture during the Trump administration, as he was often seen standing next to Donald Trump either at the Oval Office and during official state visits and meetings with foreign dignitaries. As a senior advisor to the president, Kushner spent just as much time at the White House and around his father-in-law as his wife Ivanka Trump did. But it wasn't until well into 2017 that the public actually got to hear Kushner's voice for the first time during a Middle East conference, according to the New York Times. Needless to say, he had a lot of praise for his boss. "The president has a very long career of accomplishing things that a lot of people say were impossible," he said at the time.

Yet, according to Melania Trump's former chief of staff Stephanie Grisham, Kushner certainly said more behind the scenes than he ever did in front of the cameras. In fact, Grisham claims in her book, "I'll Take Your Questions Now: What I Saw in the Trump White House," that Kushner would boast about the kind of stronghold that he had over his wife's father, for better or for worse. Here's what she said.

Jared Kushner bragged about the power he had over Donald Trump

It's not very often do you hear a son-in-law brag about what kind of power they have over their father-in-law — especially when he just happens to be president of the United States — but according to Stephanie Grisham, that's exactly what Jared Kushner did. 

Grisham claims that during the first impeachment hearing, Kushner argued that Trump should have a war room. Grisham recalled in her memoir (per Raw Story), "Even if we assembled the finest communicators in the land and put together talking points that would make Rachel Maddow proclaim Trump's innocence, it wouldn't make a bit of difference; Trump would go out and tweet whatever he wanted, or he'd let Rudy Giuliani go say something bonkers." That's when Kushner supposedly winked and retorted, "let me take care of the president" as if he knew exactly what to say to Trump at all times. Grisham added that Kushner "loved to brag about how easily he could control his father-in-law, as though he were the ultimate Trump whisperer. I was like, 'Whatever, dude. I don't have time to deal with these daddy issues.'"

Despite Kushner and Trump's seemingly close relationship (or was it?), according to CNN, the two have now created space from each other post-presidency. The outlet also claims that Trump is now reflecting on Kushner's job within the White House and the part his son-in-law "has played in his presidential legacy."