Inside Justin Bieber's Emotional New Video With Diane Keaton

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Justin Bieber's hit song "Ghost," off his sixth album "Justice," is a rhythmic bop that is designed to pull at the listener's heartstrings. In the chorus, the pop star croons, "I want you to know that if I can't be close to you / I'll settle for the ghost of you." The lyrics not only reference losing a loved one through death, but they also refer to the loss of love. "And I know a lot of people have; I know this has been a really challenging year where we've lost loved ones and relationships too," Bieber told Vogue in March,while discussing the track and relating it to the COVID-19 pandemic. Several fans speculated that the singer wrote the song about his ex, Selena Gomez, and Bieber did mention that a breakup could feel "like you're grieving that person," per Capital FM.

On the same day the Bieber released his "Justin Bieber: Our World" documentary, the mega star dropped the video for "Ghost," and he recruited film legend Diane Keaton for the moving visuals. Keaton had openly fawned over the "Peaches" singer in the past. While appearing on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" in 2015, the actor was shown spicy photos from Bieber's infamous Calvin Klein ad campaign. "Do you think he'd go on a date with me?" Keaton asked the host, per the Daily Mail. Soon after, Bieber appeared from behind the photo, and Keaton gushed over him.

Fast forward six years, and the two collaborated for one of Bieber's most emotional music videos.

Justin Bieber and Diane Keaton filmed tear-jerking scenes together

Prior to the release of Justin Bieber's "Ghost" video, Diane Keaton treated fans to a teaser clip on her Instagram page. "AM I DREAMING??? WHAT AN HONOR IT WAS TO WORK WITH JUSTIN BIEBER AND HIS INCREDIBLE TEAM!!!" the elated actor wrote in the caption. Although the lyrics are open to interpretation, the video took the literal approach to grieving a loved one. Keaton plays Bieber's grandmother, and the video tells the story of Keaton's character coping with the loss of her husband, Bieber's grandfather.

The video, which unfolds as a short film, opens with Bieber enjoying a lovely evening with his grandparents, but quickly turns dour as Bieber consoles Keaton at her husband's funeral. Keaton is filmed grieving at home in the next scene until she is joined by Bieber, who cheers her up with gifts as the two share a bottle of wine. The duo embark on a cathartic journey together as they share drinks, dances, and memories at a restaurant. At the tear-jerking conclusion, Bieber and Keaton head to the beach to spread the ashes of their lost loved one, and Bieber is filmed gazing longingly at an old photograph of his grandfather.

Fans welcomed the surprise pairing of Bieber with the "Something's Gotta Give" actor. "Diane Keaton starring in a Justin Bieber music video is the crossover I never saw coming, but wow I love it," one viewer tweeted. "Diane Keaton in a Justin Bieber music video is the news I didn't know I needed," another added.