The Real Reason Teddi Mellencamp Can't Remember Her Early Childhood

Teddi Mellencamp is getting candid on her childhood, even the parts she can't exactly piece together. She took to Instagram on October 11 and explained why she is dealing with trauma. "I don't remember this day or really any other day before the 8th grade," she wrote. "Any childhood memory is from a picture that most of the time my sister can recall and will tell me about. I was reading @melrobbins post today and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Not having any memory most of the time means some sort of trauma. I have no idea what mine was/is which is why I have gone ALL IN on my life in all areas."

She then opened up about the importance of therapy. "I started consistent therapy for the first time since it wasn't court ordered through parents divorce proceedings, I move daily to help clear my mind, I rage journal to try and release anger bc I truly have no idea how to release real emotions because since a very young age my only coping mechanism has been to solve and fix," she explained. "I love to help others because it helps me feel purpose and showing others love and support makes my heart feel full."

Teddi hoped that her post would help others and her "goal is to continue working on feeling joyous and to be present." How did fans feel about Teddi's vulnerable post? Keep reading for more details.

Teddi's former RHOBH co-stars show support

Although Teddi Mellencamp no longer appears on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," she received plenty of support when she opened up about her early childhood in her October 11 Instagram post. Lisa Rinna wrote, "Love you Terry," and Kyle Richards added, "Love you Ted" along with a red heart emoji. Dorit Kemsley also sent support with a red heart emoji, but did not write a comment.

It appears Teddi's post struck a chord with fans as many shared their reactions. One wrote, "I have never related more to a post than this one right here!" Another added, "I can relate. I don't Remember my childhood either. Even when I look at pictures I can't remember those days. And I had no trauma as a child that I'm aware of but perhaps that was surface someday." Another fan wrote, "Very insightful and resonates with me. Work in Progress every single day. Everyone should be in therapy." It's clear that Teddi has made peace with her past and is moving forward.