The Real Reason Candace Cameron Bure Cried Every Day On The View

Candace Cameron Bure got candid about "The View" on the October 12 episode of the show's "Behind the Table" podcast. The tea Bure spilled was piping hot, especially when she talked about the effects co-hosting the talk show had on her state of mind. "There was only one type of stress I felt in my life, and it came from that show and I can feel it," the "Fuller House" star revealed. "It was so difficult to manage that emotional stress." 

Bure further explained how the rigorous schedule of filming "The View" for three years — from 2015-2018 — impacted her "emotional health" and even made her cry often.

"I was flying back and forth every week to L.A.," she said on the podcast, "and we all know you turn back into a little kid if you don't get enough sleep. You're gonna be emotional about everything even if it's not something to be emotional about." "The schedule took its toll on my body, which affects my emotional health," she continued. "When I was going into a show that I didn't have a clear opinion about, or it was something I was legitimately nervous about because I did have an opinion about, I knew I was gonna be the only one at the table with an opinion, I would just get sick to my stomach and I hated that feeling. So many mornings I would just be crying before the show."

But she later revealed how Whoopi Goldberg came to her rescue.

Candace Cameron Bure is grateful for Whoopi Goldberg

Candace Cameron Bure may have cried most mornings during her time on "The View," as she revealed on the October 12 episode of the "Behind the Table" podcast, but Whoopi Goldberg always had her back. Although she was thankful for executive producer Brian Teta and others for calming her down, it was the EGOT winner who saved the day.

"On those super big moments, Whoopi is Whoopi because Whoopi knows. Whoopi is who she is because on those big times she knew, 'I have a show to do and one of my hosts is having a breakdown,'" Bure recalled. "She knew when to step in, when it was her responsibility of being that person, that leader on the show, and that's why she is as good as she is. It was those really heavy times she became mama bear." The Hallmark actor added that she felt safe Goldberg's presence. "I felt secure knowing she would protect me and not come at me if there was a difference of opinion," Bure added. "She very much knows how to walk that line and care for you even when you don't have the same opinion. And that's why she's golden."

Former co-host Raven-Symone — who was also on the podcast — agreed. "The only reason I got through a lot of stuff was because of Whoopi and the producers," she said. "Give to up to Whoopi because it takes a very strong woman, clear headed to be in that captain's seat and I can see why she has been there for so long. She makes everybody feel welcome, she lets everybody take the time."