The Tragic Death Of Shameless Actor Ricarlo Flanagan

"Shameless" actor Ricarlo Flanagan has died. His agent, Stu Golfman of KMR Talent, solemnly confirmed his death to People, saying, "Ricarlo was truly one of the nicest people on the planet, a wonderful performer and we are heartbroken by the news of his passing." Flanagan was multi-talented, finding success as an actor, rapper, and comedian, but was perhaps best known for his role as Davey on "Shameless." His other credits include "Insecure," "Last Comic Standing," "The Mick," "Walk the Prank," "The Neighborhood," and others, per Deadline

Flanagan's tragic death comes as his career was heating up. He landed in his first film role, starring Aubrey Plaza and Theo Rossi in "Emily The Criminal." Performing under the name Father Flanagan, he released three rap albums from 2010 to 2020. Flanagan's fourth rap album, "Both Sides of the Brain," was scheduled for October 12 release, per Deadline. 

While Flanagan's cause of death has yet to be officially revealed, the artist was open about his health before his death.

Ricarlo Flanagan died weeks after sharing he was sick from COVID-19

Ricarlo Flanagan's cause of death hasn't been officially announced, but the "Shameless" actor died weeks after sharing he was sick from COVID-19. On September 20, Flanagan tweeted, "55 is way too young to die." Then, on October 1, Flanagan tweeted, "This covid is no joke. I don't wish this on anybody." Tributes for the 41-year-old actor, comedian, and rapper poured out on social media.

The artist's death was also met with an outpouring of grief from the comedy world. "Ricarlo Flanagan was one of the kindest people I knew. Knew, in past tense," Flanagan's friend and fellow comedian Steve Hofstetter wrote on Facebook. "Please take this seriously. Please get vaccinated. Please wear a mask. This isn't about 'freedom' friend is gone. And there is no way to change that." Likewise, stand-up comedian Jay Washington tweeted, "The world lost an EXTREMELY GOOD DUDE. A comedian, actor, rapper and successful at all. Many of us lost a GREAT FRIEND. If you can please help or even spread the word." Washington's tweet contained a link to a Go Fund Me created to help Flanagan's family bring his body back to Ohio for burial. Our condolences go out to Flanagan's loved ones.