What Kate Middleton Just Wore For The Second Time

Breaking news! When it comes to fashion, "green" is the new black (and we don't mean the color itself). Instead, the industry's move away from "fast-fashion" towards sustainable, eco-friendly clothes has become an increasingly popular trend across the board. And, while it was once considered taboo for women in the limelight to wear an outfit more than once, these days, it's seen as both pocket- and planet-friendly to don your favorite items repeatedly. And if you don't believe us, just look at one of the most stylish women in the world: Kate Middleton.

The Duchess of Cambridge and her husband Prince William were recently spotted speaking to school children on behalf of Generation Earthshot, an organization dedicated to educating children about saving the planet (per People). In keeping with the environmental theme, Kate sported an appropriately green jacket — an item that first made its appearance during her and William's 2014 tour of New Zealand.

But, while Kate is generally considered to be one of the best-dressed people around, a certain someone was not exactly a fan of her recycled look.

Not everyone loved Kate Middleton's repetitive style

If you had the world's best designers at your beck and call, would you ever wear the same thing twice? If you are an eco-conscious icon like Kate Middleton, then yes! The Duchess of Cambridge is not one to let good fashion go to waste, and regularly repeats pieces from her (likely expansive) closet (per Us Weekly). But, the Erdem-designed green jacket she re-wore at the Generation Earthshot event had one critic in particular, though not for its eco-friendly properties.

It seems that Prince William simply is not a huge fan of the coat's particular shade of jade. On their 2014 tour of New Zealand, when Kate first debuted the item, she received praise for the eye-catching look by a well-wisher. Bev Hayes, a royal admirer, later told People: "I complimented her on her green dress. She said she liked it but Prince William thought it was a bit bright." And, while there are no words yet on what he thought of the look the second time around, one thing's for certain: William might be the future king, but Kate is undoubtedly the queen of "green" fashion!